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Wireless DALI belongs to Quick BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy


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Wireless DALI - CL I BLE-DALI 32 interface for outdoor use and Connected Poles with a double access cover and a Ø159/194/219 mm base.

Product Information

  • Size (mm): 289x115x66, Weight (kg): 0.64

Available colours

Electrical parameters

  • Electronic Power supply included
  • Control: Bluetooth WiSilica

Technical Specifications

Installation information

  • Installation: The Box must be installed inside iGuzzini Connected Poles with twin access covers and a Ø159/194/219 mm base. It cannot be installed on unspecified poles.
    To install it inside the pole, the X743 bracket (not included) must be used.
    The box can also be used externally as a BLE-DALI check interface with a high degree of surge protection (an IP66 rating is obtained thanks to an antenna inside the box and a cap on the relative cable clamp).
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Wiring: Box fitted with cable clamp:
    - 1 PG16 for power supply input from below (cable: min 7-max 16 mm).
    - 2 PG13.5 for power supply output+DALI or only power supply (cable: min 6-max 12 mm).
    - 2 PG11 for DALI output (cable: min 4-max 10 mm).
    - 1 upper connector for BLE antenna output.
    The cable clamps are fitted with endcaps in case they are not used.