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Product Type
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Agorà Agorà


Life to City

From squares to any other urban location, Agorà brings life to cities by offering people the right light to meet and feel safe in.

From squares to any other urban location, Agorà brings life to cities by offering people the right light to meet and feel safe in.

Circularity, a compact design and close attention to detail reveal an essential, elegant style. The Architect J. M. Wilmotte has painstakingly designed every aesthetic and functional detail as well as thinking of multiple urban applications.

Design Jean-Michel Wilmotte

“When you work with iGuzzini, you know that every model has to have more than one function. Agorà is therefore a solution that is ideal for roads, pedestrians and public spaces.

Today, thanks to LED lighting, it is possible to create luminaires that are more compact as there is a direct link between utility and form.”

Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Willmotte & Associés

Slim & Compact.
Agorà has an ultracompact design that combines solid and empty spaces to achieve pure functionality. Two new versions have now been launched, Agorà Slim with a remote power supply and Agorà Compact with an integrated power supply.


Agorà Slim

  • Remote power supply
  • Flat design
  • Easy to maintain
  • High level of wind resistance, ideal for pole/flange systems

Agorà Compact

  • Integrated power supply
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for replacing existing systems

Multiple optics
Architecture is often made up of modular spaces, with variable geometric forms and individual needs. Light adapts to any height and distance to illuminate details with no limits whatsoever.

Over 1.200.000 cd

Compact and powerful up to 50.000 lm.

Tailored light

Endless opportunities to adapt light flow through a wide range of professional accessories that meet all needs by localizing light only where and as needed.

14 light distributions

From super spot to wide flood, multiple Agorà Compact combinations allow a real light scenario to be created from above using a single pole, so its visual impact is minimised.

2.200 K

In addition to 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K colour temperatures, Agorà offers a new warm white colour temperature that adapts to architectural colour schemes and restores the warmth of traditional lamps.

RGBW and Tunable White

RGBW and Tunable White versions* add chromatic dynamism to the nocturnal scene.

*coming soon  

Life to City
A unique solution with multiple projector and distribution combinations: a lighting system that offers a flexible range of optics and colour temperatures with a low visual and environmental impact.

Opti Beam Triple Technology
We have developed and patented Opti Beam triple optic technology that features a lens, refractor and reflector to optimise emission quality and lighting efficacy with multichip LEDs and CoB. Optics designed and produced in Recanati (Italy).

<span style=Agorà multichip"> <span style=Agorà CoB">
Agorà multichip Agorà multichip
Agorà CoB Agorà CoB

Perfect effect

Exceptional light uniformity with no double-ring effects or chromatic aberrations thanks to a minimum field-angle. The beam is sharp and clean-cut with peerless visual comfort.

Multiple Agorà Compact combinations with different types of installation on both single poles and vertical or horizontal surfaces offer optic flexibility and formal purity. Cameras and loudspeakers can also be installed.

Flange-mounted installations

Pole-mounted MultiAgorà luminaires installed on single or double flanges are ideal for lighting both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Arm-mounted installations

Pole-mounted MultiAgorà luminaires installed on single or double, two-dimension arms are ideal for lighting vertical surfaces from above or below. Cameras, loudspeakers and third-party sensors can also be installed.

Surface-mounted installations

Multiple support-mounted MultiAgorà luminaires can be installed on both vertical or horizontal planes for lighting vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Extreme Reliability

Agorà is designed to last over time by reducing and facilitating maintenance operations.

  • High performance even at extreme temperatures.
  • Wind and weather resistant.
  • IK08 (IK10 with accessory).
  • P66.
Extreme ReliabilityExtreme Reliability

Choose your light
Two versions: Slim and Compact, a vast range of distributions, colour temperatures, power levels and installation combinations. Choose your light and Agorà will turn it on.

Agorà Slim

ø10'' (254mm) slim
3.283 - 6.198lm
ø12.5'' (313mm) slim
5.138 - 10.087lm
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 30 mm
ø14.5'' (368mm) slim
7.238 - 18.480lm
Palco InOut Floodlight ø 49 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 49 mm
ø20.5'' (516mm) slim
12.150 - 28.606lm

Agorà Compact

ø10'' (254mm) compact
2.512 - 4.158lm
ø12.5'' (313mm) compact
4.050 - 9.124lm
ø14.5'' (368mm) compact
6.975 - 17.209lm
ø20.5'' (516mm) compact
12.412 - 28.798lm
ø20.5'' (516mm) compact COB
29.796 - 39.116lm

Agorà Accessories

Diffusing glass
Refractor for
elliptical distribution
Longitudinal louvre Longitudinal louvre
Longitudinal louvre
Protection grid
Cylindrical screen
Cylindrical screen
30° / 45°

Agorà Installation options

Multi Agorà
Multi Agorà
with minimal flange
Multi Agorà
Multi Agorà

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