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Product Type
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Why Bespoke
Bespoke solutions come about within architecture to complete the project and become an integral part of it.

Why iGuzzini
Since the 1980s, we have worked closely with architects and designers to respond with bespoke solutions to their specific architectural requirements.

What we can do
From changes in colours and performance of standard solutions through to tailor-made versions.

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Nuvola for the
EUR Convention Centre
Fuksas Architecture

For the auditorium of the New EUR Congress Centre, the architects were looking precisely for a straightforward, streamlined, suspended and lightweight lighting system such as Nuvola.

Suspended LED luminaire with dual up/down light emission. Direct light emission with medium optics at an intensity of 5000 lumens ensures overall illumination of the site; indirect light emission is integrated to create a pleasant graphic effect on the ceiling. In die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material. Colour temperature: 3000K/4000K . Versions with DALI power supply. Possibility of separate switch-on and separate light intensity adjustment.
Year: 2016
Client: EUR S.p.A.
Architectural project:
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Lighting project:
Structural Consultant:
Ramboll UK
Moreno Maggi
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SoleLuna for
The Retreat- Blue Lagoon

The Lighting Designer was keen to achieve an entirely natural effect on the ceiling, as if there were a real Sun and Moon in the room. Another requirement was to recreate a slight halo effect arising from the presence of the atmosphere, a very natural blurring of the perimeter, contours and light on the ceiling.
The solution was found as a ceiling luminaire with a diameter of 1.2 m; plates with circuits of LED sources with different colour temperatures that blend together: amber, at 2100 K with CRI 85, white at 4000 K with CRI 90, white at 6000 K with CRI 90 (these are rather significant values since it is difficult to obtain such high colour yields with very cool colour temperatures); cables for adjusting the height of the ceiling luminaire; Clypso acoustic canvas covering the entire ceiling specifically to obtain blurred effect requested and desired by Guðjón L. Sigurðsson.
Year: 2019
Client: Blue Lagoon
Architectural project:
Basalt Architects
Lighting Project:
Liska - Guðjón L. Sigurðsson
General Contractor:
Interior design:
Basalt Architects, Design Group Italia
Gunnar Sverrisson
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Swan for the
“P. M. Beghi” Civic Library
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

The architect was looking for a device that could inspire even playful emotions to helping bring the setting more to life. The idea of the puppeteer swan came about almost as a joke, as well as the story of a man walking past and magically illuminating the books placed on the tables.
The are two versions of Swan, with one or two arms. The suspension system recalls the shape of an origami swan - hence the name of the device. Swan has a miniature optic with a high-definition micro reflector whereby the light source can be hidden from view by being integrated into the black anti-glare screen. Light emission is extremely well controlled with a luminance of 1000 cd/m2 and UGR <10.
Year: 2017
Client: La Spezia Local Council
Architectural Project:
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
Lighting Project:
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
with Invisible-Lab

Luc Beogly/S. Anzini, Courtesy Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
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Custom light lines for
Doha Metro

The lighting for the Doha Metro arose from the dream of endless line of light with a 3D twist: a product that did not exist before.

The product was developed using a flexible and totally fireproof material for all components in the appliance, which was divided into three basic parts: the load-bearing body of the product, i.e. the structure installed in the architecture; the light source, a line of LEDs; an opal screen. These various components are designed and supplied with different lengths: 20 metres; 5 metres, 50 metres. The electrical parts of the appliance have an upgraded protection class - IP 65 - despite being used indoors.
Year: 2019
Cliente: Qatar Railways Company
Architectural project:
UN Studio
Lighting project:
AG Licht
Structure, MEP:
Nigel Downes
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Ex-Centric for
Studio & Partners”

Customer requirement: no just light but better light and a brighter atmosphere to enhance the urban setting, with specific needs for Christmas illuminations. The proposal: combine devices with different functions on a single structure: Ex-centric
“Ex-centric” comprises a pole 9 metres high with an off-centre head mounted at 7 metres. The head itself comprises a ring with a top cover partly in transparent material. It houses the luminaires as such: an optical compartment with street optics and 12 LED Woody and Miniwoody floodlights. Four floodlights, with white and RGB light, create scenic effects on the pavements and the lower part of the façades; eight floodlights with 3000K white light pick out the architectural details of the façades and the crowns of the trees. All luminaires are DALI type. The special connectors on the pole allow power supply and management of devices used during the Christmas period.
Year: 2020
Client: BID- Business Improvement District (local council and private sector)
Supervision of Lighting Design:
Tom Schlotfeldt
Special device development:
Torsten Fritze
Daniel Pilar
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Custom structure for
King’s Cross

The client was seeking a balance between functional lighting and aesthetic priorities; durable plant was wanted to ensure minimal maintenance and operating costs. There was also a need for general re-qualification of the area: no longer merely a transit area but also a destination.
The product comprises customized stainless steel poles of 19.5 m and 6.5 m in height housing LED floodlights. The smaller columns are positioned to guide commuters towards the ticket office (Product: LEDstrip customized LED lighting module by iGuzzini and PROstainless Steel)
Client: Network Rail
Authorities involved:
London Underground
Camden Local Council
Islington Local Council
English Heritage

Architectural Project:
Stanton Williams
Light designer: StudioFRACTAL
Main Contractor: Murphy & Sons
Technical installations: Arup
Electrical systems: Fourway Communication
Photo: Will Scott
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Zena for the
San Giorgio Bridge in Genoa

The project for the bridge that replaced the Morandi viaduct which collapsed in August 2018 donated by Architect Renzo Piano to his birthplace makes constant reference to naval traditions as a fundamental aspect of the city of Genoa . The lighting fixtures were designed to resemble the masts of a sailing ship and the idea of a sail was created through lighting effects.

Zena is a system of poles 28 metres high where optical compartments having a diameter of 700 mm and ST1.2 type optics are placed at a height of 14 metres. A smaller version was developed for the access ramps and a short initial section of the bridge: A60 optics were used on 14 m poles
Year: 2020
Client: Special Commissioner for Reconstruction - Marco Bucci
General Contractor:
For Genoa - Webuild (formerly Salini) and Fincantieri Infrastructure
Site Direction:
Rina Consulting
Architectural Concept and Supervision:
Renzo Piano
Lighting concept:
Renzo Piano
Executive project:
Electrical Installations:
Paolo Carlini
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MYA for

MYA came about thanks to a special collaboration project with the Automobili Lamborghini Style Centre which culminated in the conception and design of a customizable table lamp ensuring high visual performance - an authentic design item that transposes the features of Lamborghini super sports cars into the lighting field.
Faster than light. The design of the lamp is a three dimensional transformation of the iconic Y, the emblem of automotive design for the Lamborghini brand, thereby giving volume to speed and light to power. The finishes and colours of MYA and MYA Capsule are the same as those of the cars. A 60° rotation of the optical compartment directs light over the surface. Touch-type switch on and dimming or by activating the presence radar sensor. Operation with a USB rechargeable battery. Colour temperature of 3000K and CRI 90.
The “Automobili Lamborghini” and “Automobili Lamborghini Bull and Shield” trademarks, copyrights, designs and models are used under license from Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A, Italy.

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