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105 MADISON AVENUE 3rd FLOOR Suite 305
New York, NY 10016
Light That Moves Design


Discover the future of lighting design at LIGHT THAT MOVES DESIGN, an exclusive event hosted at our iGuzzini Showroom during the NYCxDesign Festival. We are thrilled to invite you to the unveiling of our latest lighting innovations, LIBERA – Free your mind, and ALLURE – Mix&Match.

LIBERA embodies the next evolution in lighting, with its streamlined design and cutting-edge features. It is crafted to unleash your creativity, offering unmatched flexibility and control. This allows you to tailor your lighting environment to your personal taste. Experience the liberty to craft dynamic lighting scenarios that not only illuminate but truly inspire and captivate.

ALLURE introduces a revolutionary dimension to lighting design through its innovative Mix&Match concept. With ALLURE, the power is in your hands to combine various components to craft bespoke lighting solutions perfectly suited to your space. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or bold, expressive statements, ALLURE enables you to showcase your unique style like never before.

The excitement extends beyond these innovations. At our showroom, you will also have the chance to engage with the Light Experience. Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you navigate through a spectrum of professional lighting effects and applications. From soothing ambient lighting to vibrant dynamic installations, the Light Experience demonstrates the profound impact of light in transforming spaces and experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of LIGHT THAT MOVES DESIGN. Join us at the iGuzzini Showroom and witness firsthand the future of lighting design as it unfolds.

For more information:
Daniele Caputa
+1 646.895.0026



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