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The desert is a landscape intimately woven into the fabric of our culture as a place of both peril and renewal.

It is where civilization started, where the laws that govern us were established. In ancient times, inspired by the hard-won wisdom of the desert, we re-imagined our world.

The desert and the flora and fauna that survive there are once again a source of teaching. In a time of
climate change and impending planetary travel to the red desert of Mars, this arid landscape is showing up in our movies, our fashion and in our design.

Join us as we explore Biophilic design principles and Desert Power.
This webinar is for business creatives of all stripes: Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Lighting Designers, visionaries, decision makers and trendsetters.
Written in stone
Participants will leave with a framework including key variables influence this design trend. 
This presentation will also break-down the design principles of Biophilia, citing social proof from the projects that are pioneering this critical trend. 
It will spark the imagination, igniting ideas and strategies for projects, campaigns, products and services.

Alem Sklar (@messydata) earned a degree in Fine Arts, with a focus on immersive environments.

Always entrepreneurial, Alem started working in Creative Direction, exploiting her talent as a business compatible artist. She became fascinated with what people purchase and why; soon coming to the conclusion that people don’t buy things, they buy feelings.

She began to design strategically, basing the products and marketing on what she identified as best sellingstories in the culture. In 2020, Alem decided to pursue her growing curiosity about consumer trends and founded messydata, allowing her to commit herself full time to exploring and sharing the trending stories shaping the commercial space.