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We are determined to share knowledge and environmental, ethical and social awareness through light.

Goal 13 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda calls for "Promoting action, at all levels, to combat climate change". The Light For Future cultural programme, launched in 2020 - in collaboration with IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) - uses creative light to communicate sustainability through lighting itself.

A Glocal format with an international Call To Action, targeting Italian lighting designers under 40, to develop creative solutions for sustainability, with the subsequent application of award-winning works in a "local" city, in our home area, creating a bright and narrative pat. We chose three different cities in the Marches Region for the three editions of this programme.

Gobos installation - Sant'Agostino Cloister and Aqueduct Tower - Recanati (Italy)

Alongside the inauguration of the Light For Future lighting project, we organized in the host city, an international conference to explore the theme of environmentalsustainability, through a multi-disciplinary approach. The first edition involved the city of Recanati (Italy) while the second edition, currently in progress, will involve the city of Ancona (Italy).

In 2015, iGuzzini officially launched the WCM (World Class Manufacturing) programme. This is a structured and integrated production system focused on continuous improvement that involves all processes in the factory.

The WCM was a fundamental step forwards for the company: it helped us grow progressively and earn the prestigious Bronze Medal in 2021. Today, iGuzzini has achieved reached exceptionally high levels of preparation and performance. Experience has taught us that if we are to carry on pursuing continuous improvement, we must follow a customised and structured programme. And if it doesn't exist, then create it.

We designed a new production system that will enable us to achieve further progress: a model adapted to our needs as well as the world of lighting. We called it WCL (World Class Lighting). The new system is an evolution of the WCM approach.

WCL embodies WCM methodologies and advanced tools. Following the WCL approach will lead to an organized, coherent and sustainable production system involving everyone in the company.

The main objectives of WCL are:
- Reduce risks as regards safety.
- Improve sustainability performance.
- Improve quality.
- Reduce losses.
- Develop personal knowledge.
- Digital and automation transformation.
- Improve service level.

Zero Km Canteen
The building was inaugurated in 1990, It was originally designed by architect Andrea Biti as an immense facility set amidst the greenery, characterized by a pyramid-shaped roof. Since then, the canteen has been a meeting place for colleagues, enjoying a zero km lunch prepared by the cooks in the back kitchen using strictly seasonal and local products. A homely kitchen, with drinking water dispensed directly to personal bottles distributed to every employee by the company. Effective differential waste collection and a plan to reduce wastefulness and waste as such complete the sustainability process, in compliance with our corporate mission.

We have involved cooperatives in our area - in the provinces of Macerata and Ancona - that offer employment to disabled people, for more than ten years.

We support young people by helping to stimulate design with sustainability in mind. In the context of the agreement between iGuzzini Illuminazione and ITS Enrico Mattei in Recanati, which envisages 4 scholarships, an award was made on 14 July 2022 to the student who best stood out for having taken part in research or developed analysis into sustainability topics.

La Ragnatela is a non-profit organization based in Recanati which employs disabled people who have difficulties in successfully finding a job. We began collaborating with La Ragnatela in the 1980s because we really liked the principle that every worker needs to feel completely responsible for an entire process in order to feel a sense of purpose. We still work with La Ragnatela to assemble components and semi-finished products in our production line.

Frolla Lab was founded in 2018 thanks to the friendship between an apprentice pastry chef and a social worker. We purchase the delicious products of this tiny biscuit-maker in a small pastry shop as gifts for customers visiting our Recanati office or as Christmas presents.

The founders usually say that they have only two secret ingredients: the future and the autonomy that work provides for people with various disabilities.