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Palco InOut Palco InOut

Palco InOut

Solid Thinking

Designed to combine sturdiness, versatility and functionality in one professional floodlight for outdoor architectural lighting.

The design is inspired by a brush to paint the surfaces of our cities with light, with up to five different diameters starting at just 1 3/16" to offer a range of incomparable solutions with luminous flux of up to 3400 lumen.

The innovative Optibeam technology, outcome of extensive research, offers triple patented optics to adapt the luminous flux to specific application requirements.

Opti Beam Lens

Ultra-compact, high-intensity optic, the light beam is even and well defined with no colour aberrations. Maximum visual comfort is guaranteed by a spill-ring inside.

Opti Beam Reflector

This optic improves chromatic uniformity, prevents the creation of halos and removes spots of double rings that may be generated by a conventional LED light source.
Wide Flood
Very Wide Flood
Wide Flood
Very Wide Flood

Opti Beam Refractor

Micro-prismatic textures with randomized symmetrical modelling elements to avoid any type of geometric and chromatic aberration, to create more distributions with Opti Beam Lens.

Palco InOut multiplies and combines lighting distributions to illuminate architecture from any distance, angle and surface, transforming the city into an urban stage.

Start your 360° City Experience  A three-dimensional exploration* to find the right solution for each effect with a vast array of fluxes and optics.

*The Framer and the SuperSpot won’t be available on the North American market. Plus, the pole installation will not be available before early 2021
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A wide range of internal (up to two at a time) and external accessories also allows specific effects to be created with immense precision.

1 - Refractor for elliptical
distribution IP66
Grazing effect on facades up - or
downward oriented
2 - Diffuser glass IP66
Soft yet highly concentrated light beam
with a uniform effect
3 - Honeycomb louvre IP66
Wide and comfortable light
from every direction;
ideal for pedestrian areas.
4 - Accessory support frame
5 - Protection grille
6 - Blade louvre
Screened light along pedestrian areas
and cycle paths for great visual comfort / pole installation
7 - Cylindrical screen
Fully screened light concentrated only on
benches / pole installation
8 - Cylindrical diffuser at a 45°
Uniform and upward vertical wall lighting,
without backlighting
9 - Single directional fin
Shaped lighting on façades
avoiding obtrusive light

Palco InOut is designed to work in any setting. It can be mounted on floors, walls, ceilings and in the ground.

UL ® certified

Palco InOut is a UL ® certified product for the United States and Canada.
UL ® certifiedUL ® certified


Each internal accessory is housed in a gasket to ensure upkeep of the product's IP66 grade.
<span class="text-red">IP66</span><span class="text-red">IP66</span>

Thermal resistance

Reliability even at extreme temperatures: the different outputs available make it possible to adapt luminous fluxes to outdoor temperatures from -22 °F (-30 °C) to +122 °F (+50 °C).
<span class="text-red">Thermal resistance</span><span class="text-red">Thermal resistance</span>

Dual rotation

The product can rotate on vertical and horizontal surfaces alike, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and versatility.
<span class="text-red">Dual rotation</span><span class="text-red">Dual rotation</span>

Palco InOut remote power supply

alternative text alternative text
ø 1 3⁄16"
Up to 175 lm
14° / 25°
ø 2"
Up to 480 lm
16° / 23° / 42°
ø 3 1/4"
Up to 1890 lm
14° / 25° / 47° / 75°

Palco InOut integrated power supply

Palco InOut Floodlight ø 119 mm Palco InOut Floodlight ø 119 mm
ø 4 11/16"
Up to 2560 lm
14° / 25° / 47° / 75°
ø 5 3/8"
Up to 3415 lm
10° / 18° / 28° / 41° / 80°


Ground / Floor Ground / Floor
Ground / Floor
Wall mounted Wall mounted
Wall mounted
Pole Pole