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Product Type
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A Sign of Light for the UPAR shop in Shenzhen


About Project

UPAR is a fashion store that integrates sport, art and technology. Commodities have an important role in a retail business space. Windows, models, focus displayed products, interactive devices and so on, all have to be corresponding lights to express. The lighting arrangement is not uniform, but jumps with the rhythm of the display layout, just like the rhythm of movement and this is created by iSign. In order to pay special attention to the needs of filming by the internet bloggers, the space is interspersed with a diffused daylight with the concept of a space shuttle to create a uniform and comfortable basic ambient light and vertical illumination. For the sake of the original concept of "Particularly high, especially original, extremely wild" in interior design, the light is expected to give a special cool, unique and playful spatial characteristic.

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  • Lighting project:
    GD-Lighting Design
  • Photographer:
    Bruce Zheng

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