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Ca’ Del Baio

The history of the Ca del Baio winery dates back to 1870, when Giuseppe Grasso, the great grandfather of the current owner, purchased the land it stands on in Treiso. Vines, however, only began to be planted there in 1921. From that date onwards, though, the Grasso family has fostered a relationship of respect for both its wines and its vineyards that recently resulted in Giulio Grasso, the winery’s current owner, being nominated the “Best wine Grower of the Year” by the 2016 Gambero Rosso Fine Italian Wine Guide.

In 2019 the construction of a new tasting hall was completed. The Lato 51 architectural studio designed a minimal, linear environment in which wood plays a major role in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This original solution is founded on the use of shelf-walls that store wine bottles, but which are also designed to rhythmically break up space and allow visitors to see through them.

The elegant lighting design created by the iLuminanti studio heightens the structure’s tactile and sensory experience by modulating different light intensities to enhance the materials and architecture.

In synergy with the requests of the @Lato51 architectural studio, the lighting in the environment was integrated with compact, surface and low voltage track mounted Palco projectors with different optics and power ratings.

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  • Client
    Ca’ del Baio
  • Architectural project:
    Lato51 Studioarchitettura
  • Lighting project:
  • Photographer
    Federico Moschietto