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Desigual Shop

About Project

The clothing is more than ever the star and an integral part of the decoration: trees made from T-shirts in different shades, giant fabric flowers, bundles of material scraps
stacked on the shelves, walls covered with clothes from floor to ceiling. Fruit crates become tables for displaying new creations as if it were a market. A commercial lighting like this one plays a fundamental role in creating the desired atmosphere. Suitable chromatic reproduction of the colours characteristic of Desigual articles and good lighting contrasts are essential. Use is mainly made of halogen and white sodium vapour lamps, which make the space warmer and more welcoming and enhance the colours of the clothes. The lights are spotlights. Lux spotlights for the per QR111 50W halogen lamps with a superspot optic, in particolar lighting the panels along the perimeters, and 100W Lux spotlights with spot optic for the sodium vapour ("mini white sun") lamps, mainly used for lighting the furniture and some panels.
The spotlights are fitted with a honeycomb glass anti-glare screen to further increase visual comfort. On the ground floor, clothes hanging from the ceiling at the entrance is one of the trademark features of Desigual stores. They are lit by spotlights using 35W dichroic lamps with 24° light cone. The shop windows are also light with spotlights, but in this case Tecnica luminaires. Some use QR111 50W halogen lamps with a spot optic, while others use 100 W sodium-vapour lamps with spot optic.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Desigual – Abasic S.L.U.
  • Designer:
    Turull – Sorensen Arquitectos SL
  • Photographer:
    Didier Boy de la Tour

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