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Fabbrica Italiana Contadina – FICO

About Project

F.I.Co. - an acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Italian Farming Factory) - is the world’s largest agri-food park. Officially opened in November 2017, the project took four years to complete and cost €120m. The CAAB (the Bologna Agri-Food Centre) together with the Bologna Municipal Authorities and Eataly World were responsible for the original concept of the project that was based on the regeneration of the defunct Bologna wholesale food and vegetable market. F.I.Co. was specifically designed as a centre for promoting and raising awareness of the Italian agri-food industry by bringing visitors into direct contact with its main production sectors. It is a biodiversity showcase that covers over 100,000 square metres, divided into specific areas focused on cultivation, production, catering, study, research, education and marketing. iGuzzini worked closely together with Eataly Design and the architect Thomas Bartoli to perfect lighting solutions specifically designed to create comfortable light scenarios that enhance the visitor’s experience of the vast complex’s indoor and outdoor areas.

The lighting design covers various areas of the park, using 6000 LED products with DALI protocol. The project starts from the heart of the park, the Piazzas, an important node for socialising, where the light emphasises the playful character of the spaces with iconic iGuzzini Albero luminaires and iPoint bollards mounted in the surrounding flower beds. Albero light sculptures are extremely evocative as they mimic the shape of plants and they were chosen for F.I.Co. by the architects and client to highlight the bond between the indoor areas and the cultivated spaces outdoors and to underline the project’s green spirit. In general, there is a strong focus on nature in the park, like the luxuriant vegetation that covers part of the canopies along the perimeter and is illuminated by View Opti Linear luminaires installed on kilometres of linear tracks. To light the various themed restaurant areas, on the other hand, iSight, Tecnica Pro, Palco and Front Light projectors have been installed on specially designed linear or circular tracks. These devices are extremely versatile and adaptable, so they help to differentiate the different sections in the area, as well as blending with iRoll pendants to create light points on the surfaces of the sales counters and tables that maximise visual comfort. The accent lighting of the iRoll luminaires, installed in various sizes and colours, also acts as a “light-motif” that enhances the Teaching Areas with a clear, distinctive style. Whereas the foodstuffs and products on display in the Emporio Eataly areas and the No Food items in the Shop area are highlighted by track-mounted iShop luminaires that create even lighting on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the sales displays.

The superior versatility of the luminaires selected and the fact that they are mounted on suspended tracks means that the lighting system can adapt easily to different display layouts. Moreover, the luminaires’ DALI standard control protocol means that an infinite number of light scenarios can be created as well as allowing the light intensity of each individual luminaire to be regulated throughout the day. In the outdoor exhibition areas, where a range of historical farm machinery is on display, Woody projectors have been installed as they highlight the details and evocative and educational qualities of the collections, by creating museum-like effects in an open air environment.

In general, LEDs with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90) and a warm white 3000 K colour temperature have been chosen for this project as they help to ensure that visitors to the park will enjoy a truly high quality experience.

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    F.I. Co – Eataly World
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    Studio F16 - Giuseppe Saluzzi

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