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Holy Deer San Lorenzo Lodge


About Project

The roots of the San Lorenzo Lodges lie in the experience matured by Giorgia Perrone and Stefano Barbini in their former careers in the world of fashion and are built around a unique holiday concept, focusing on privacy and authenticity. Whether in the mountains, on the high seas or in the city, the San Lorenzo Lodges are conceived as private spaces far from the frenzy of modern day life.

The owners began their venture in the hospitality industry in 2008 when their lives took a radical change of direction: after they were married and had children, they decided to leave the international fashion scene. Purely by chance, they came across a historical XVI century residence at an altitude of 1,200 metres during a trip to Val Pusteria. The Barbini turned their backs on the world of fashion and the chaos of city life for ever and moved with their three children to San Lorenzo di Sebato, a small mountain village in Alto Adige. This was the beginning of the San Lorenzo Lodges: the "White Deer" San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge and the "Blue Deer" San Lorenzo Sea Lodge (a luxury catamaran). In 2018, the "Holy Deer" San Lorenzo City Lodge in Rome was added to the collection.

Directly overlooking Piazza Navona, world famous for its Baroque fountain by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, it was a former residence of Pope Innocent X where the pontiff met with his sister-in-law and lover, Olimpia Pamphili. "FM Architettura d’Interni" architectural solutions played around with references taken from very different historical periods like Baroque and our post-modern era in a close-knit and continuous exchange of allusions, quotes and insinuations. The Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge is a modern residence immersed in a historical context. Lighting it proved to be very challenging: conveying its majestic aspect while preserving a homely, relaxing and comfortable dimension. The same shades of faint greys, gold and purplish-red were used to pay homage to the pontiff's power and passions. In this case, more than in any other, did we attempt to combine the lighting effect with an almost invisible presence of the lighting equipment. The most commonly used equipment was the Underscore light lines, in some cases in the InOut version, and the Palco projectors, with a 62 millimetre diameter. The lines of light on the vault's spring line illuminate the frescoes depicting various mythological episodes. In the Pope's Room, in particular, Underscore gives you an opportunity to relish in the impossible love story between Dido, Queen of Carthage and Aeneas, prince of Troy. The same lines of light positioned at the base of the wooden structure which raises the bed, contribute to increasing the sense of lightness. Underscore is highly pliable and can highlight the different textures of the materials used on the bedroom walls and communal areas, producing soft, comfortable surroundings with the clever added touches of inflections provided by the Palco projectors and, in some cases, like the en suite bathrooms, integrations provided by Laser Blade recesses.

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    Holy Deer San Lorenzo Lodge
  • Architectural project:
    FM Architettura d’Interni
  • Lighting project:
    FM Architettura d’Interni
  • Photographer:
    Giovanni De Sandre

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