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Product Type
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About the project

Iztapalapa is one of the Federal district of Mexico City’s 16 boroughs. It covers an area of 116 km² on the east side of the capital, including the southern part of Lake Texcoco. Lighting designers from Artec3 have recently designed a new illumination system for this area of Mexico City, which was previously considered unsafe. In fact, before this system was introduced, people rarely went out at night, as they preferred to remain in the safety of their own homes. The local authorities have entrusted the task of “embellishing” the city to Maurici Gines, who has given new life to this borough. Argo pendant luminaires have been installed in the Juan Escutia district, and Delphi pole-top systems in the Avenida Hidalgo.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Delegación Iztapalapa
  • Lighting Designer:
  • Project leaders:
    Maurici Ginés, Jose Cardona, Nuria Barat (Proyecto de Iluminación Colonia Juan Escutia) Iván Valero, Fernando Tepichín, Alejandro Polo, Maurici Ginés, Jose Cardona, Ana Ayala (Avenida Hidalgo)
  • Lighting consultant:
    Italli Innovación (Proyecto de Iluminación Colonia Juan Escutia), Artec3 (Avenida Hidalgo)
  • Photographer:
    Fabian Garcilita Ruiz Velasco

Products Used:

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