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La Creperie Restaurant

About Project

Since 1968, the “La Creperie” restaurant has been located in one of Lebanon’s most iconic settings – a cliff overlooking the crystalline waters of Jounieh Bay and the surrounding mountains. The land has been owned by the El Khazen family since the 18th century. In 2015, the restaurant undertook major refurbishment works, managed by the restaurant director, who is also one of the original founders’ grandson. The renovation maintained the restaurant’s original structure but enhanced its architectural features; for example, the windows were enlarged so that they could offer a better view of the surrounding landscape. The interiors were inspired by the Provence region and the main aim of the project was to create a relaxed, classic atmosphere that is versatile, but consistent in its elegance.

The lighting system, a fundamental part of the restaurant’s visual experience, was developed to maintain and enhance the soul and character of the place, contributing to its sense of calm and elegance. iGuzzini LED luminaires were used to illuminate the building’s façade, the cliff and the outdoor areas where lush gardens with roses, jasmine, cinnamon and lavender surround a thousand-year-old olive tree highlighted by Light Up luminaires. The walls of the building, especially those of the terrace, are illuminated with a grazing effect created by Linealuce Mini luminaires.  The cliff at the base of the restaurant building is illuminated with Maxiwoody projectors, creating an effect akin to levitation. Linealuce Compact luminaires were used to create a perfectly uniform grazing effect on the vertical greenery that covers the parking area. The installation was particularly demanding, as the luminaires needed to blend in with the natural elements that play a vital role in the visual identity of the site. 

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    Sari el Khazen Architects
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    Ieva Saudargaite

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