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Le Caveau du Château


About Project

The Domaine Guigal winery was founded in 1946 at Ampuis, a village located in the Côte-Rôtie wine region, by Etienne Guigal, who had worked at the Etablissements Vidal-Fleury for 22 years.
His son, Marcel, took over running the firm in 1961, and in 1995 he was joined by Philippe Guigal, a member of the family’s 3rd generation and now the winery’s enologist and Director General.
Over the years, this family company has built a strong and solid reputation, based on its desire to constantly increase the quality of its wine. And today, following a series of adept takeovers, the company has become famous the world over. The milestones in its growth include the acquisition of a number of well-known wineries in the area, including the Maison Vidal-Fleury at the beginning of the 1980s, the Domaine de Bonserine in 2006, and the famous Château d'Ampuis, a historical, landmark winery in 1995. Then, in 2003, determined to further improve its wine-making know-how and master all its technical aspects, Maison Guigal decided to begin producing its own barrels.
The last important stage in this journey took place in 2020, with the restoration of a house built in 1892 and previously used by the Vidal-Fleury family as a summer residence. The result is the Caveau du Château, a space used to welcome people interested in the wine-growing history of the Rhône Valley and its splendid wines. There is an area where wines can be tasted and bought, and work seminars can be held here too. There is also a museum that exhibits a selection of antique wine-growing artefacts from the Guigal family’s private collection.

The lit atmosphere, created mainly with iGuzzini luminaires, has been designed by the architect and lighting designer to underscore and emphasize the essential architectural details defined by the customer.
The luminaires, which all feature LEDs, have been chosen for their minimal visual presence and with an emphasis on recessed luminaires and very small Palco projectors.
In the sales and tasting area, general lighting is provided by recessed Laser Blade XS luminaires fitted with a special gold-coated reflector that integrates the lighting created by the luminaires concealed in the grooves in the false ceiling. Accent lighting has also been trained on the wine bottles on sale using Palco Low Voltage projectors (Ø 51mm), hidden from view in a U-shaped structure. 
In the “Museography” section in the basement, Palco Low Voltage projectors (Ø37mm) have been mounted on tracks to create fascinating light and shadow plays on a series of exhibits celebrating local rural culture. 
To illuminate the collection of Ancient Roman vine growing and wine making objects, on the other hand, 19mm Palco projectors have been positioned inside their showcases to light the exhibits from below. 
For the exterior of the Château, to create a rhythm of light lines in the façade, the window profiles have been underscored using Trick 180° luminaires mounted on the sills.  
All the luminaires used are DALI-enhanced and therefore allow lighting conditions to be easily adjusted via a specific control system.  


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    Le Caveau du Château
  • Architectural project:
    Jean-Christophe Virot
    Amandine Dalème-Gendre (Museum)
  • Lighting project:
    Passeurs de lumière
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  • Photographer:
    Florian Peallat