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Liberec Regional Gallery

About Project

The Lieberec Regional Gallery is located in a historic building that formerly housed the town’s public baths. Today, the gallery has been completely renovated, and now consists of both permanent and temporary exhibition areas, rooms for events and training courses, a library, café, shop and a service area, including offices, an archive, storeroom, photographic studio and restoration laboratories.

The building’s restoration project was conducted by architects from the SIAL architecture studio, headed by Engineer Karel Novotný and Architectural Engineer Jiří Buček. And lighting played a very important role in the renovation of the various rooms, both in terms of guaranteeing quality of perception, and creating a special microclimate so as not to harm the items on display. In general, the aim has been to exploit natural light, wherever possible, especially on the first and second floor, where there are both windows and a skylight in the ceiling.

The artificial illumination of the display spaces combines diffused and general lighting with direct illumination. Soft, even, diffused, general lighting is supplied in the exhibition areas by Light Air pendant products and the iDuo track-mounted, integrated, indirect lighting system. The two systems use fluorescent lamps with a 4000 K colour temperature that blends with the natural light filtered by the panels on the windows.

The direct lighting system, featuring Palco CRI90, 3000 K colour temperature, LED spotlights mounted on mains voltage tracks, also enhances both wall-hung or pedestal-displayed artworks.

Both systems function independently and can be operated by their own control systems to create focused or diffused light, or even a combination of both.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Liberec Municipal Authorities
  • Architectural project:
    Atelier SIAL - Karel Novotný, Jiří Buček
  • Lighting project:
    Etna s.r.o - Ladislav Tikovský,
  • Photographer:
    Petr Janžura

Products Used:

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