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Lynetten incineration plant

About Project

The “Lynetten” sludge incineration plant is located along the eastern waterfront of Copenhagen’s inner harbour. The location makes the plant clearly visible to anyone visiting the city’s western waterfront and entering the harbour on a yacht or cruise liner. Lynetten purifies Copenhagen’s waste water and partly produces power, and it is one of the most energy efficient plants of its kind in the world. The client wanted the beauty of Lynetten’s industrial nature to be highlighted by suitable lighting at night. Copenhagen-based Rambøll Lighting was commissioned to come up with the lighting design.
The client’s main requirements were: to maintain Lynetten’s unique architectural features and guarantee a solution with low energy consumption. These two requirements were met thanks to the lighting design which used Maxiwoody and Woody LED luminaires. Rambøll Lighting presented an idea with the visual focus on five large cylindrical silos, painted in different colours and positioned inside the building, immediately behind the facade’s cladding. Maxiwoody floodlights with half amber, half warm white LEDs, were placed in the ceiling and light the silo from above. Plus, Woody floodlights with half amber, half warm white LEDs were arranged on the floor, lighting the silo from below. With such an idea, where light radiates from inside the building, the transparent nature of the architecture can be emphasised. So, the facade isn’t a visual barrier at night, but a transparent surface that reveals the inside and the purpose of the structure. Plus, the new chimney, which is an integral part of the plant, is lit as a vertical accent in space, using another Maxiwoody floodlight. With the new lighting design, Lynetten “shines” by night like a new urban reference point in Copenhagen’s inner harbour.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Lynettefællesskabet I/S
  • Architectural project:
    Creo Arkitekter A/S
  • Lighting project:
    Rambøll Lighting
  • Partners Assistance:
    iGuzzini illuminazione Denmark
  • Photographer:
    Ole Ziegler

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