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Marttiini Store

About Project

The new Marttiini store is at the heart of Helsinki, and its shop window provides an amazing view of the Cathedral and Senate Square.
The new store combines Marttini's extensive tradition and history with contemporary design. The materials used in the store, (wood, metal and leather), are the same as those used to make the knives.
All of the details were designed while keeping in mind the functional aspect, to allow this small space to display more than 200 different products.
The challenge was to design a solution which would allow the store to display a wide variety of products. In fact, to find the right product, customers have to be able to see each item close-up. The walls show the products secured to a wooden block at a slight angle using powerful magnets. The shop's lighting, which has been realized with recessed lighting fittings, allow for the products to be viewed with clarity.
The designers spent a lot of time finding a simple enough combination which would work will all of the 'puukko' knives, displayed with and without a sheath. The use of magnets also means that the product layout can easily be modified, so that staff can change the products on show whenever necessary. Since the store also asked for the presence of a storage area close to the products for day-to-day use, a small space was created behind each product so that staff can easily find the product required. The functional details are closely linked to the place’s appearance and atmosphere and play an important role in promoting sales.
This is a great example of commercial and shop lighting, realized using Pixel metal halide recessed luminaires with power ratings of 20 and 35 W  utilizing wall washer screens. 

This little store was shortlisted at the WAN Awards 2011 in the category for stores with a surface area of less than 200 square metres.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Marttiini Oy
  • Designer:
    Amerikka Oy
  • Photographer:
    Courtesy of Amerikka Oy

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