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Mehraz Building

About Project

This office block is a genuine urban landmark on Dowlat Street, in the residential area to the north of Tehran.  One of the customer’s main design requests was that each floor of the Mehraz Building should have two office units. The solution adopted involved creating two separate blocks and joining them with a bridge and a central entrance that forms a patio. The architects then covered the main part of the building with a structure inspired by traditional Iranian architecture and which includes spaces for flower boxes so there is a degree of greenery too. 

The entire building was then covered with a distinctive shell that features a number of alternating  textures. This shell, combined with the grazing light from Linealuce Compact luminaires creates a series of constantly changing effects that bring together apparently opposing qualities, such as light and shade, hardness and softness, abstraction and concrete reality. All these dichotomies help define the powerful identity and strong visual impact that the tower has on Tehran’s urban landscape. The building's shell also ensures that the interiors are kept cooler and offers views over  the city that are similar to those seen through traditional wooden casement “Shenashil” windows. These windows are also typical of Arabic architecture that calls them “Masharabya”. 


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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Mehraz Group
  • Architectural project:
    Boozhgan Architectural Studio Hamed Badri Ahmadi
  • Lighting project:
    Hoorshar Design
  • Photographer:
    Baraks Studio Photographers

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