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Multifunctional complex in Corso Italia


About Project

The design originally developed by Luigi Moretti for this building sought to create a multifunctional complex in the centre of Milan. The project, located on Corso Italia and flanked by Via Rugabella and Via Sant’Eufemia, consists of four buildings, all of which have different heights and positions. The triangular shape of the plot had a significant influence on the choices of the architect who designed the volumes according to their exposure to the sun. The high quality of the end result was achieved through the use of materials that were cutting edge for the time, as well as curtain walls and mobile internal partitions that make the interiors extremely versatile.

The restyling project carried out by Park Associati on part of the Luigi Moretti complex philologically accentuates and enhances this bold architecture that in the 1950s covered an entire block in Milan.

The two different parts of the complex that have been regenerated in this project are the highest building called “La Nave” (The Ship) and the lowest one on which “La Nave” rests. Research into the original drawings of the complex kept in the Moretti archives showed how the highest building was built precisely to Moretti’s original plans whereas the design of the base was changed various types.

Park Associati’s extremely respectful project, therefore, followed the original plan closely with the aim of drawing attention to such an iconic building for the city. The name “La Nave” was given on account of the refined interplay of volumes between the two blocks on Corso Italia, as the highest one rests on the lower one, so it looks like the prow of a ship that is about to set sail into the street in front of it. This sensation is accentuated by the light colour of the façade that is covered by a mosaic of white marble tesserae. The façade has been completely preserved with a delicate design that highlights these original forms. In the evening, thanks to a discreet but effective lighting project featuring Underscore inOut luminaires that underline the horizontal stringcourses and emphasize the character of the building, creating an effect that makes the volume resting on the base look as though it is “floating”.

The base block in the complex has also been renovated in line with Moretti’s original drawings. The horizontal stringcourses are underlined whereas the pattern of the windows on the first and second floor is accentuated by box-shaped light blades in micro-perforated aluminium. Their presence is highlighted at night by the internal lighting the light blades are fitted with. To obtain this effect, iGuzzini developed and manufactured special custom projectors.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Prelios Società di Gestione del Risparmio
  • Architectural project:
    Luigi Moretti (1951-1956)
    Park Associati
  • Lighting project:
    IN-VISIBLE lab - Silvia Perego
  • Photographer:
    Andrea Martiradonna

Project Quote

"A discreet but effective lighting project that underlines the horizontal stringcourses and emphasizes the character of the building, creating an effect that makes the volume resting on the base look as though it is “floating”."

Park Associati

"A thin but visible luminous line underscores the architectural aesthetic to create a visual balance. It is a project that looks simple but required extensive and detailed teamwork."


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