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Product Type
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Murdoch Art Wall

About Project

The artist Rick Vermey was commissioned by Main Roads (the body responsible for the Western  Australia road system) to create an artwork on two residential sound walls in Murdoch. One is at  the intersection of Murdoch Drive and South Street and the other is along South Street.  For “Species” Verney painted images of particularly important flora and fauna for the local bush  environment of the Quenda Wetlands on drilled steel panels.  The artist and the lighting designer Martin Klaasen, who had already collaborated together on  other projects, developed together a lighting concept that not only enhanced the artwork but also  guaranteed road and public safety. The concept was based on coloured and dynamic light  produced by Linealuce RGB LEDs. The colours created refer to the colours of the six seasons of  the Aboriginal culture.   Safety was ensured in various ways: the lighting fittings were not only hidden behind the work but  also screened to avoid any possibility of glare. The lighting effects were designed to avoid sudden  changes in order not to distract drivers and the most spectacular colour transition coincides with  the duration of the red light. The lights are programmed with different scenes for weekdays,  weekends and for special seasonal events. Any fault is registered by the control system and  signalled to the maintenance team, thus ensuring a drastic reduction in maintenance costs for  Main Roads Western Australia.  The works have become a recognisable landmark in Murdoch’s night time urban landscape  instilling a sense of pride in the local residents. 

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Main Roads Western Australia
  • Designer:
    Rick Vermey
  • Lighting project:
    Martin Klaasen (KLD)
  • Electrical installation:
    Highway Construction
  • Photographer:
    Ron Tan

Products Used:

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