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Plaza de Armas

About Project

In 2014 the Santiago Municipal Authority carried out a project to improve and upgrade Plaza de Armas. The lighting design, developed by the TALLERDOS frim in cooperation with Ramón López and Matías López, is based on a revision of the original design, redefining some strategies and adopting new technologies. The existing poles were used to light the square and the high pressure sodium lamps replaced with DELPHI LED luminaires. These have a longitudinal optic that guarantees minimum lighting of at least 50 lux on the entire area of ground covered. With improved colour rendering, the new lighting system enhanced the perception of the space and the feeling of safety. The luminaires use a programming system that regulates the luminous flux according to the time of day and the amount of light in the environment. That saves the city a lot of electricity. To make the square’s lighting more dynamic, the Chilean Palms there were highlighted using adjustable recessed luminaires with 3000K colour temperature. The Odeon’s lighting was designed to emphasise its role as a social gathering place in the square. The luminaires are asymmetrical Platea, column-mounted and ceiling recessed on the perimeter ring. The lighting also covers the streets and historic buildings surrounding the square. The solution selected guarantees visual continuity between the square and the surrounding areas. We avoided a solution that focused on the perimeter lamp-posts, in favour of lighting generated by luminaires installed at strategic points of the buildings. In contrast, inside the square the system that used high pressure sodium lamps was replaced. In its place are the latest-generation LED products (LED Delphi, street optic, 4000K). The upgrade of the area’s lighting design is still in progress. New action is planned that will involve architectural lighting for the buildings.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Santiago Municipal Authority
  • Lighting Designer:
    TALLERDOS (Ramón López & Matías López)
  • Architects:
    Rodrigo Pérez de Arce & Sebastián Bianchi
  • Photographer:
    Cristian Barahona M.

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