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Product Type
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Poitiers Town Centre

About Project

Designer Marc Aurel’s mission was to accompany the current urban restructuring project with a new, nocturnal look: a sophisticated and unobtrusive pedestrian lighting system for the entire city.   The main goal here was to create a low energy consumption luminaire with LED technology.
Marc Aurel originally had the idea for inventing Anello when he looked at the way the Hotel de Ville in Poitiers was lit. The square is like a stage set, with the Napoleonic facade of the Town Hall, complete with colonnades, statues and bell tower, as the backdrop. There was no need to disturb this daytime or nighttime context with lights that were too bright, too technical or too visible, and so the designer opted for a low, gentle lighting system. In general, the aim was to create a device with a familiar, domestic look that would not disturb the urban lounge-like atmosphere that exists in the Maréchal Leclerc square. And the result is a soft atmospheric light focused on the centre of the square.

The Poitiers lighting project is based on three lighting principles that all use the same warm colour temperature and either metal halide (Platea) or Led (Anello) lamps.
The first of these is an invisible lighting system that creates the necessary general illumination. The products used here are discreet and blend into the architecture thanks to their simple forms and colour (iGuzzini Platea wall-mounted luminaires).
The second is a “visible”, low-mounted (3.5 metres) system that creates a decorative effect using Anello luminaires. The Leds used in this product deliberately create a highly sophisticated atmosphere.
And lastly, the project is completed with luminaires that highlight architectural and environmental features such as trees, fountains and columns, etc. The general mood is deliberately gentle and unobtrusive.
Together, these systems means that the town of Poitiers now enjoys citizen-friendly, urban Led lighting and a product specifically designed for this context.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Ville de Poitiers
    Atelier Lion
  • Lighting project:
    Marc Aurel
  • Engineering:
  • Photographer:
    Didier Boy de la Tour

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