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Public art for the communities of Lurgan and Portadown


About Project

Lurgan and Portadown are two towns in Northern Ireland, in the county of Armagh, thirty or so kilometres outside Belfast. As part of a vast regeneration programme, in 2014, giant iron sculptures were installed in the main squares of both towns.

The sculptures represent groups of figures that are between three and four metres high. They are the work of local artist Maurice Harron who is particularly interested in the area's cultural and social identity. The aim of the artworks is to create a sense of unity and consent in an area where political and religious tensions have not been completely forgotten. At Lurgan, the artwork consists of two figures holding a piece of linen, a symbol of the local fabric industry that drove the town's growth. At Portadown, the artist's figures are all holding large round apples, evoking the orchards in the Armagh countryside.

The sculptures are uplit using LED RGB Light Up recessed luminaires that create constantly changing, white and coloured light effects. The colours have been carefully selected so as not unwittingly offend any political or religious group. The final lighting effect combines white light for the piece of linen and shades of blue and violet for the figures to celebrate the local community and cultural identity of the two towns.

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    Chroma Lighting
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    Courtesy of Lloyd Crawford, Chroma Lighting (NI)

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