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Terminal 4 of Changi Airport in Singapore


About Project

Changi Airport is Singapore's main airport. It is one of the most important in South-East Asia and, with 62.2 million passengers in 2017, the sixth busiest airport in the world. In March 2018, travellers voted it the best airport in the world for the sixth time running.

Opened in 2017, Terminal 4 was the result of a collaboration between SAA Architects, one of the most important architectural groups in South-East Asia, and Benoy, a design group operating at an international level.

The goal of the two studios was to make airport traffic fast, comfortable and safe. Reviewing the flow system throughout the whole building, including the 23 metre-high central atrium, has resulted in greater transparency throughout the terminal, and an increase in shopping and refreshment business.

The whole environment is spacious and is developed around the theme of nature, which determines spaces, shapes and patterns: there are skylights and large petal-shaped lamps, green areas for relaxation, tree-lined lounges and green walls. Any stop at the airport, no matter how brief, should be enjoyable and give a positive view of Singapore: the skylights and the greenery inside the airport help promote Singapore as the “City in a garden”.

Benoy in particular was responsible for the interiors: the interior design emphasizes the soft shapes and soft ambient light, and all the elements are designed ergonomically. For the first time at Changi, an integrated concept has been developed for retail: once passed the security checks, the traveller is greeted by shops with double-height windows that create a very lively atmosphere. There are open spaces, a good supply of natural light, soft shapes, and easy, clear directions, both inside and outside the airport. The core of the terminal design is the Central Gallery, a glass-covered open space that separates the runways from the building structure. During the day, the natural light contribution is very strong. For night lighting, iGuzzini has worked in many areas: check-in in the departures area; passport control; arrivals hall, baggage claim; waiting lounges at the gates, toilets. In all of these areas, Reflex COB Super Comfort recessed lamps were used, with two different diameters – 212 and 144 mm – and a colour temperature of 3500 K, prepared specially for this project. During the night, the atmosphere in the airport is therefore comfortable, and the soft, very diffuse effect avoids any danger of glare for the travellers; the choice of using recessed lamps minimises their impact and contributes to making Changi a comfortable airport that travellers really appreciate.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Changi Airport Group
  • Architectural project:
    SAA Architects – Architect & Design Consortium
  • Lighting project:
    Lichtvision + WSP
  • General contractor:
  • Interior design:
    Benoy Limited
  • Photographer:
    Marc Tey photography

Products Used:

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