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Product Type
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The Albany Lakes Civic Park

About Project

The park, extending over approximately six and a half hectares, was a visionary investment by North Shore City Council and some private investors. A team of architects, landscapers and construction firms designed this park to enhance the cultural, social and ecological aspects of the new centre of Albany. This is a project to make the most of the area and is part of major work undertaken for the October 2011 New Zealand Rugby world cup. 17,000 plants were planted, including local plants which grow spontaneously and fruit trees such as apples, plums and olives.
The park isn’t just a treat for the eyes, it’s a positive environmental resource: the trees covering its surface are part of a system for the treatment of rain water.  Rain is conveyed to the holes in which the trees are planted. These holes contain special earth which filters the rain, before excess water is carried to the two lakes, effectively keeping the water in the lakes clean. The architecture firm and landscaper chose iGuzzini luminaires for the Albany Lakes project.

The FrameWoody system was used to support a set of MaxiWoody floodlights angled to achieve the correct photometric distribution. The floodlights light up the lakes and surrounding area. Thanks to the system’s linearity, the visual impact of the luminaires is minimal and they do not intrude on the natural landscape. 

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    North Shore City Council
  • Lighting project:
    Light Works
  • General contractor:
    NZ Strong
  • Landscape architecture:
    Soul Environments
  • Photographer:
    Simone Devitt Photographer

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