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The Asturias Museum of Fine Arts

About Project

The Asturias Museum of Fine Arts is the fifth largest art gallery in Spain with a vast collection of nearly  15,000 artworks. The museum is located in a series of different buildings in the centre of Oviedo's old town,  including the Velarde Palace built in 1765, the Casa de Oviedo-Portal built in 1660 and the new extension  opened in 2015.  These various buildings have been brought together in a stunning redevelopment project designed by the  architect, Francisco Mangado. Mangado has maintained the exterior features of the historical buildings, but  extended one of the museum facades so that now it reaches all the way to the vast square that includes the  Oviedo cathedral.

The new building is a large, light construction in glass and aluminium that nestles  comfortably in amongst the town's massive old buildings.  Space and light are the project's key design elements that enhance the museum's important collection of  works by El Greco, Titian and Guido Reni.

The overall exhibition space now stretches to over 4,500 square  metres - a dynamic redevelopment that has allowed the museum to increase the tourist appeal of the  Asturias region considerably .  The artworks at the Asturias Museum of Fine Arts are lit by Palco museum LED luminaires, thanks to a  partnership project with Metalux Iluminación. This lighting system highlights the colour quality of the works on  display and ensures that they can be both viewed and preserved properly. 


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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Principality of Asturias. Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • Architectural project:
    Francisco Mangado
  • Structural engineering:
  • Photographer:
    Juan Rodríguez

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