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The Britannia Hotel shines again

The history of the Hotel Britannia dates back to 1897. Located right in the heart of Trondheim, the hotel has welcomed local politicians, members of the Norwegian royal family, international stars and Arctic explorers; all of whom have enjoyed the hotel’s elegant hospitality. After a complete renovation project that lasted three years and cost approximately 150 million dollars, the hotel is now ready to reopen.

Everything has been renovated and restyled, from the furniture to the refined bed linen, marble baths and bright rooms. There is also a refined and varied choice of fine food and wine. The hotel boasts six restaurants and cafés, including the majestic Palm Court with its unforgettable breakfast, a wine bar that boasts a cellar with several thousand exceptional bottles and a Bocuse D'Or award-winning restaurant offering the gourmet cuisine of chef Christopher Davidsen. The artificial lighting was designed by the Stokkan Lys studio to match the various interiors that range from bygone mood architecture with light colours, curving lines, stucco decorations and gold leaf to 1970s-style spaces and onto contemporary environments flaunting a warm but minimalist style with an emphasis on wood.

The luminaires selected, therefore, have a minimal visual impact and include recessed Laser and Laser Blade luminaires and Low Voltage version projectors from the Palco range. The recessed luminaires have been used in the marble-panelled reception area that features bold blacks and whites and decorated columns. In this area there is also a group of pendant luminaires that is voluminous and light at the same time, in front of the reception desk. The general lighting is created by Laser Blade L luminaires; while recessed Laser luminaires have been positioned around the columns to highlight them. To emphasize the features of this room a 3000 K colour temperature has been chosen. In the ballroom, characterised by its huge glass ceiling, coloured light has been used too, and to illuminate individual tables and other points of interest, Palco projectors have been located around the room’s perimeter where the architecture already offered concealed installation points. In the other rooms, where people sit and spend time, like the cafés and restaurants, a more relaxed approach has been adopted. This includes lower lighting levels, more accent lighting and a more intimate lighting mood with a warmer temperature of 2700 K, achieved using luminaires once again from the Palco, Laser Blade and Laser families to offer stylistic continuity.

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  • Year
  • Client
    E.C. Dahls Eiendom AS
  • Architectural project:
    PKA Arkitekter - Per Knudsen Arkitektkontor AS
  • Lighting project:
    Stokkan Lys
  • Interior design:
    Metropolis arkitektur
  • Contractor:
  • Installer:
    Vintervoll AS
  • Photographer
    Tomasz Majewsky