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Product Type
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The Centre dedicated to Sister Marie. St Pius X High School


About Project

The first centre dedicated to Sister Marie in the St Pius X High School in Adamstown, in New South Wales was destroyed by arson, leaving the school without a dedicated communal gathering space.

The difficulties that followed the fire became the inspiration for finding new solutions and the site was redesigned to create a new multi-function gathering space which included chapel functions. This new area is now located at the school entrance. For the exteriors, the SHAC architectural studio used a range of simple, robust materials with wood used indoors.

The warm, rough surface of the stone used for the exteriors is highlighted by the recessed Linealuce luminaires with a Wall grazing effect, while the external walkways are illuminated by pole-top Crown lights.

The building, which has a simple, square layout, protects a flexible space where children can also sit on the steps that are lit by the large windows during the day and by pendant Gem luminaires at night.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Catholic Schools Office
  • Architectural project:
    SHAC Architects - Elizabeth Brown
  • Lighting project:
    Goldenratio - Sam Dib
  • Photographer:
    Alexander Mcintyre, courtesy of “illuminotecnica NSW Sydney”

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