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Product Type
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The Cloud - The EUR Convention Centre

About Project

The new EUR Convention Centre, designed by the Fuksas Studio, has had a chequered history, but was finally unveiled at the end of October 2016, with a media event transmitted live by Rai television (the Italian BBC). The complex will become completely operative in January 2017. iGuzzini has supplied luminaires for a number of areas in the building, and - as in other projects conducted with the Fuksas Studio - it has designed a special luminaire specifically for this context. The complex consists of three architectural elements: the “Teca” (or Showcase), the “Nuvola” (or Cloud), and the “Lama” (or Blade) which iGuzzini has not been involved in. The “Showcase” which is 40m high, 70m wide and 175m long, is basically a hyper-technological “container” that houses the auditorium - a structure with an irregular shape covered by a glass fibre and silicone membrane, that seems to float in the Showcase, hence the name “Cloud”. The centre is divided into three floors with a ramp leading down to the entrance which is below street level. The hall that visitors arrive in is lit by Maxiwoody Compact luminaires installed on the glass facade at a height of 14 metres and pointed downwards. The floodlights used are fitted with spot optics that, given the height, produce a lighting level of 50 lux on the ground floor - the level required to guarantee visitors' safety. The auditorium, located in the Cloud is a vast space that can seat up to 1,800 people, spread over the stalls and gallery, and is clad with 4,700 panels of American cherrywood that guarantee excellent acoustics. The special luminaire designed specifically for this space consists of a pendant spotlight with a twin up/down emission. The formal structure of the luminaire is light and streamlined, and produces two kinds of effect in the auditorium. The first is a general lighting effect created by a direct light with a colour temperature of 3000 K, a medium optic and an intensity of 5000 lumen, whereas the second indirect effect creates a pleasant graphic pattern on the ceiling. Safety standards for visitors are also heightened by Ledplus luminaires recessed into the auditorium steps. Other Reflex recessed luminaires light the area below the conference room balcony where the lighting from the pendant luminaires is blocked and does not achieve the same intensity. The special luminaire is also used in the Concourse - the large space that runs around the rooms located on the floor below the Auditorium. Here, a colour temperature of 4000 K has been chosen. In this area recessed Easy luminaires have been installed for emergency lighting. All the luminaires supplied feature DALI technology and can therefore be controlled by the management system that supervises all the building's service facilities, including heating, screening, cooling and lighting.

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  • Year:
  • Client:
    EUR S.p.A.
  • Architectural project:
    Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
  • Lighting project:
  • General contractor:
    Condotte d’Acqua SPA
  • Structural Consultant:
    Ramboll UK
  • Photographer:
    Moreno Maggi

Project Quote

"Light, however, is not a detail here, as white travertine floors reflect the light toward the ceiling where direct light comes through from the glass roof. Light changes naturally, depending on the weather(...). "The result is that inside The Cloud, at fifty meters high, the brightness disperses and multiplies, the light being truly everything."

Massimiliano Fuksas, intervista

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