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The San Cayetano administrative complex of the Xunta de Galicia


About Project

The current seat of the Xunta de Galicia dates back to 1904. It was designed by the architect Velasquez Bosco and was initially intended to be the seat of the Regional College for the Deaf-mute and Blind.

Construction was very slow; it did not begin till 1911 and was finished at the end of the ‘20s. It was put to many different uses: hospital, military camp, teaching centre, and then finally the seat of the Xunta de Galicia.

To light the administrative complex, the Junta had asked if it was possible to combine the usual facade lighting with large-scale projections of drawings. The palace is situated in an avenue with various traffic lanes, and there are also tree-lined avenues, so these projections had to be visible even from far away.

The projections were required for special days, such as 25 July, the official holiday of the Galicia community, the feast of St. James, to whom the cathedral is dedicated. Another request was to project the purple bow, which in Spain symbolises the fight against gender violence, in November.

The projections are programmed with a sequence of three scenes: the coats of arms of Galicia are projected for 15 minutes on a white background; then the central part becomes blue for 1 minute while the rest remains the same; finally, everything turns blue, the colour of the flag of Galicia, for 5 minutes while the projections of the coats of arms remain.

All of this is made possible by Palco InOut framer spotlights equipped with gobos, which project from 20 metres away to a height of about 9 metres.

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  • Architectural project:
    Víctor Lopez Puga
  • Engineering:
    Ela Ingenieria
  • Photographer:
    Gala Martinez 274km | Fotografía

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