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Väven Cultural Centre

About Project

The Väven Cultural Centre is part of an urban development project entitled “The City between Bridges”. It is  an important catalyst for Umeå's urban regeneration and aims to create a cultural area that stretches along  the Ume river.  Väven is located in the centre of Umeå near the municipal park by the river, and the Cultural Centre covers  an entire block. Designed by Snøhetta in collaboration with White Arkitekter AB, the new building  “intertwines” various programmes and cultural activities, just like its name - Väven - which means “intertwine”  in Swedish.

The result is a stage on which a combination of culture, literature, skills, social facilities,  entertainment and food are intertwined and expressed in a common structure and facade.  Part of the construction is located in an area already defined by the existing urban plan, whereas a second  more flexible section covers an area of the river wharf that has up until now been used only for temporary  activities.  The centre combines various public facilities in a complex building that is designed on a human scale and  has skilfully removed conventional barriers between interior areas and public spaces. 

The concept of intertwining is not only present in the centre's cultural aspects, but also in the building's  various components that incorporate a hotel, conference centre, theatre, museum, library and other spaces  in a unique homogeneous facade with a spectacular graphic effect created by a series of staggered,  horizontal bands. This effect is inspired by the birch tree - a typical tree from this area - whose trunk is  characterised by its dark and white bands. The white zones are the building's closed zones, whereas, the  dark zones are the glass covered areas. On account of the building's multipurpose character and  geometrical complexity the lighting system that has been designed for it is extremely flexible. It is mainly  based on a special version of the recessed Reflex luminaires painted black to ensure the devices blend in  with the architectural context. Laser Blade luminaires have also been installed in the shared hotel spaces  (rooms and corridors). 


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  • Year:
  • Client:
    Väven / Umea AB / Balticgruppen AB
  • Architectural project:
    Snøhetta Arkitekter in collaboration with White Arkitekter AB
  • Lighting project:
    ÅF Lightdesign
  • Structural engineering:
  • Installation:
  • Photographer:
    Lindman Photography

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