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Product Type
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Robin Robin



Robin is free to rotate on itself, to be installed above or below tracks, and to change its style thanks to customised accessories.

Robin is free to rotate on itself, to be installed above or below tracks, and to change its style thanks to customised accessories.

Robin, designed by Matteo Thun, is inspired by an idea in which technology is combined with freedom. Robin sits on the track, like a silent bird on a wire.

Matteo Thun Design

“Robin was inspired by my love of flying. Flying means dematerialising, it means absolute freedom and it means above all sitting on something and not underneath it.

Up until now, spotlight systems have always been hung from wires, so they looked like they might fall on you. They were like revolvers waiting to fall on your head. My first idea was therefore to put a luminous line, the superrail system, underneath and sit the little bird on top of it.”

Maximum flexibility of movement. The extraordinary uniqueness of Robin is that it can rotate completely on a vertical plane, in a sweeping bow.

Maximum flexibility of vertical movement.

The Robin spotlights, illuminate downwards as the optical assembly can rotate by up to 160°.

Maximum flexibility of horizontal movement.

The spotlights can also rotate 360° on a horizontal plane.

Hanging by a thread.

Robin is installed on Superrail, a miniaturised track that is only 1" (25mm) wide, and electrified top and bottom. This means it can combine accent lighting with continuous general lighting.
Freedom of style Robin has two finishes and an infinity of solutions with a final accessory that can be customised to become a highly distinctive element that creates its own, individual style, in a unique and exclusive way.
Architecture as inspiration
The interweaving of ribs in the domed cambers created by Eng. Nervi, is a perspective framework for measuring space and filtering light.
Pier Luigi Nervi | Palazzetto dello Sport. Rome, 1959

Create your bespoke solution
There is no limit to the ways the accessory can be customised. Thanks to the technique of additive manufacturing we can reproduce any design, including yours.

Blending into architecture. Robin and Superrail form a unique, light, airy structure that creates accents of light and luminous guides and fluctuates in architecture without being cumbersome. Ideal for museum, retail and hospitality and living environments.

Start your 360° Experience 
A three-dimensional exploration to help you discover the right solution for each effect, thanks to a wide range of flows, optics and combinations.

Three dimensions, power levels and lighting flows. Twin patented optic technology, with an Optibeam lens and reflector. Installation on both Superrail and standard low voltage tracks.

ø 37 ø 37
ø 1½"  (37 mm)
480 lm / 620 lm
15° > 46°
ø 51 ø 51
ø 2" (51 mm)
928 lm / 1080 lm
14° > 41°
 ø 62  ø 62
 ø 2½" (62 mm)
992 lm / 2120 lm
14 °> 42°