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Constant voltage power supply unit non dimmable 120W - VIN =90-305VAC 50/60Hz Vout = 24V IMAX = 5A dimensions:220x68x38,8

Product Information

  • Size (mm): 220x68x38, Weight (kg): 1.20

Available colours

Technical Specifications

Installation information

  • Installation: The ballasts are complete with holes and slots for securing them with screw anchors or threaded screws.
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Wiring: For the electrical connection the ballast is complete with outlet cables L=220mm and L=650mm.
  • This product requires one of the accessories listed below to be installed:
  • Cable box IP66 - dim 378x188x130h X653
Accessories (2)
  • BZ33

    IP67 box for power supply - dim. 280x190x130h (10PG)
    Size (mm): 280x190x130
    • 00 Indeterminate
  • X653

    Cable box IP66 - dim 378x188x130h
    Size (mm): ø130
    • 00 Indeterminate
This accessory can be used with the following product codes (577)