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On this page you will find all of our catalogues in digital format. You can download them in PDF format by clicking on "download", or browse through them directly online by clicking on "read".
The Product Book 2016
Multidisciplinary, multi-level and constantly updated, the Product Book system integrates design inspiration, technical specifications, and in-depth formal and performance analyses to sustain highly advanced design processes.
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Topics&Tools | Second Half 2015
We push the frontiers of science to design technological hearts that beat a new efficient, more reliable and more precise light, closer to mankind.
Reflex | Fully Responsive
Reflex is a complete and flexible line of recessed luminaires; it is responsive, capable of adapting itself to the characteristics of the installation environment with extreme simplicity, always offering an efficient solution.
Laser Blade | Line to Circle. 2015
Laser Blade revolutionises the concept of the downlight. No more rigid frameworks, but instead ample opportunities for customisation.
Pixel Plus | The original
Pixel Plus is a unique product with a timeless appeal. Indispensable for retail contexts, it is also perfect for hotel and residential installations.
Trick | Push the Boundaries
Trick is a fun device for people to play with. That's the idea behind its design.
Linealuce | High Performance Linear System
A complete linear system for enhancing both indoor and outdoor environments.
Wow | Clever Light
Compact, minimal design, soft curves. Equipped with a patented optical system of unparalleled performance.
UFO | Light in life
This sleek, ultraslim luminaire offers visually comfortable light emission that is perfect for urban streets, squares, gardens and car parks.
Linealuce Compact - Mini and Master Pro DMX
External lighting systems for Asia Pacific
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Laser Blade | Line to Circle | Asia Pacific Edition
An invisible line creates circular luminous magic. Laser Blade revolutionises the concept of the downlight.
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Light Management System: Solutions for Energy Efficiency
This catalogue presents a new light control system - Master Pro Evo - that uses standard KNX, LON and DALI protocols.
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