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Outdoor lighting iGuzzini
Outdoor lighting iGuzzini

Outdoor lighting iGuzzini

Outdoor lighting iGuzzini
Outdoor lighting iGuzzini
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About the article
iGuzzini, established in 1959, makes indoor lighting and outdoor lighting luminaires, and is now the leading Italian company in the lighting design sector and one of the leaders in Europe. Its headquarters are in Recanati, in Italy’s Marches region, and extend over 150,000 square metres.

It belongs to the Finanziaria Mariano Guzzini (Fimag) holding company, owned by the Guzzini families, heirs of Mariano Guzzini, who are in charge of the companies: F.lli Guzzini, iGuzzini, Teuco.

Production is split into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting luminaires. Since the early years, products were designed in collaboration with leading architects and designers, such as: Giò Ponti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Bruno Gecchelin, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Gae Aulenti, Piero Castiglioni, Jean Michel Wilmotte, to name just a few.

And, since designing indoor lighting and outdoor lighting requires a knowledge of all aspects linked to the quality of the lighting environment, on these subjects iGuzzini also collaborated with researchers, doctors, sociologists, physicists, from major international research bodies such as: Harvard University (Cambridge), M.I.T. (Boston), “La Sapienza” University (Rome), Milan Polytechnic, Italy’s Preservation and Restoration Institute, Lighting Research Center (Troy, NY).

The company operates on the international market with branches and exclusive dealers which offer sales and technical assistance.

  • > Branches:
    • Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Dubai, North America, Sweden, Finland
  • > 2014 consolidated turnover:
    • €205,5 million
  • > Total number of Human Resources in 2014:
    • 1.221
  • > Board of Directors:
    • Adolfo Guzzini, President
      Andrea Sasso, CEO
      Paolo Guzzini, Vice President
      Massimiliano Guzzini, Vice President
      Alessandro Guzzini, Member of the Board
      Giovanni Tamburi, Member of the Board
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Our company is listed into the Italian Cultural Heritage Office Archive
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