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Office Lighting - Light campus iGuzzini
Office Lighting - Light campus iGuzzini

Office Lighting - Light campus iGuzzini

Office Lighting - Light campus iGuzzini
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Our eyes are subjected to continuous stress during office work for many hours every day.

Therefore, the first step in designing a correct lighting system is the identification of the visual tasks carried out in the working environment. Visual tasks area carried out both on horizontal and vertical surfaces and generally include reading and writing and activities carried out at a VDU workstation.

To follow an ergonomic design methodology means to fully satisfy the requirements for the psychological-physical wellbeing of workers, meant as the possibility to work in a pleasant environment.

The lighting project must contribute to the safety and visual wellbeing of workers, by creating a pleasant flexible lighting environment that fulfils diversified requirements.

The selection of luminaires and lamps, their position according to the layout of the working stations are indispensable conditions to obtain the correct quality of light in offices. Lighting design must satisfy the needs of the individuals working in the space and guarantee compliance with basic lighting requirements.

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This is a dilemma that has always been discussed by lighting professionals, but without ever arriving at a clear conclusion. More than a dilemma it is in fact a case of different ways of interpreting reality. Rather than just a philosophical issue, it represents a tangible guide for those whose job is to define the features of an architectural space.
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Light rules our life and controls our miraculously punctual biological clocks. Light can strike our eyes with a sudden ray of sunlight or emotion us with a rainbow. Light has illuminated mankind’s evolution from fire to candles, light bulbs and laser.
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