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Product Type
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Efficacy upgrade 2016

Innovation is in the process.

Innovation is in the process.
Our products are designed to be future-proof to constantly follow the technological upgrades and increase performance.

Below you can see the list of iGuzzini products that have achieved an increase in efficacy thanks to optical system and the LED performance improvements.
For each product line you can find the maximum lighting efficacy * and the respective incremental % value.

Product line  Max. lighting efficiency
(lm/W, system values*)
Max. lighting efficiency increase (%)
Deep Laser 75 +25%
Express Evo 91 +20%
Gem 87 +18%
iPro 114 +9%
iRoll 65 95 +8%
iRoll wall/ceiling mounted ø140mm 96 +25%
iRoll wall/ceiling mounted ø240mm 104 +35%
iRound 110 +9%
iSign 106 +12%
Laser Blade L high contrast 79 +40%
Le Perroquet (C.o.B. LED) 79 +31%
Maxiwoody Compact ø260mm (C.o.B. LED) 88 +14%
MaxiWoody ø315mm (C.o.B. LED) 101 +10%
Palco ø122mm Spotlight and Wall Washer 76 +21%
Palco ø142mm spot and Wall Washer 87 +23%
Pixel Plus (C.o.B. LED) 85 +43%
Pixel Pro square / square multiple 56 +87%
Pixel Pro ø137mm 57 +67%
Pixel Pro ø205mm 63 +65%
Reflex (C.o.B. LED) 112 +12%
Reflex L.L.E. round 113 +34%
Tecnica Pro ø86mm 72 +18%
Woody ø140mm 84 +13%

The system lm / W efficacy is the ratio of the system light flow emitted and the total power absorbed by the fitting.

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