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Amplifier, a space for events and co-working

The Amplifier space for events and co-working was inaugurated in May 2019 at the former AEG industrial plant, that is now part of the GSG business park in Wedding, Berlin. 

The GSG client wanted to create an exceptional environment that showed off the existing industrial structure, designed by Peter Behrens between 1911 and 1912 while also being a modern space capable of adapting to the different purposes of a space to be used for both co-working and events. 

The flexibility impacts significantly on the artificial lighting that, in turn, was made extremely flexible and adaptable by combining LED luminaires and an innovative light control system.

The most significant lighting elements in the concept devised by Rosenspiess Berlin are the direct lighting of the vaulted ceiling to create an evocative scenario; the accent lighting in the bar area with light that varies in colour temperature and lighting that is both accent and general provided by the Palco spotlights in white with 102 mm diameter and with optics that range from spot to wide.

The control system that can be used both from a tablet or command panel on the wall allows for three general lighting scenarios specifically for co-working, events and conferences to be overseen. An additional option of dimming for a more intense daytime light and a more comfortable nocturnal ambience is possible for each scene.

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    Peter Behrens (1911-12)
  • Lighting project:
    Rosenspiess Berlin
  • Photographer
    Felix Löchner