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MOL Campus

The new headquarters of the Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Group is located in the southern part of Budapest. Designed by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Finta Studio and Kinzo, which handled the interior design, the building brings together all the company's activities in one location. 

The building is an integral part of the MOL Group's sustainability goals for 2030 and provides an example for the offices of the future. It consists of a 28-storey tower joined to the 5-storey Podium, creating a single form with soft lines. On a total floor area of approximately 86,000 square meters, the 120-meter-high building houses 2,500 employees. It uses low and zero-carbon technologies, such as roof-integrated photovoltaic panels, ground source heat pumps and has a grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting system. In the building, an innovative control systems manage light levels, temperature and shading.Thanks to these solutions, MOL Campus is the first Hungarian building to achieve the BREAM Excellent rating and LEED Platinum certification.

The Campus also houses restaurants, a gymnasium, a conference center and a range of other staff facilities. Greenery runs through the heart of the building, from the central atrium to the roof, bringing nature closer to the workspace and also acting as a social catalyst, creating spaces for collaboration, relaxation and inspiration. 

Licht Kunst Licht developed innovative and integrated lighting solutions for the whole building  resulting in a functional and atmospheric lighting response to the users' needs for flexibility and diversification. 

The lighting of the complex was solved with a few product families, but all of them with countless different optics and installation systems. In the offices, the recessed iN60 system with flood MMO optics is used; the use of this optic increases visual comfort (UGR<19) and  ensures required uniformity for the workspaces. In some other areas like circulation or communication zones, a narrow beam optic was applied in order to create a more exciting light atmosphere. 

The illumination of the approximately 25-meter-tall atrium is provided from lateral openings in the front sides of the gallery floor ceilings, which accommodate clusters of up to four adjustable track-mounted Palco spotlights with a color temperature of 3.000 K and 4.000 K.
In this way, the light rains down from above on the greenery on the ground floor.

Palco Ø51 mm  with 4.000 K  are also used in the other areas throughout the building, as plant accentuation,  but in this case, they are installed  in the c-grid of the suspended metal ceiling . These floodlights also appear in a black finish in the canteen area. Here, some are installed on tracks, suspended from the ceiling , while others, with an external transformer, are installed  underneath a suspended metal structure covering some of the dining areas. In this way there is a light emission at different heights: one providing rather uniform  general lighting, the other more punchy accent lighting.


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  • Year
  • Client
    MOL Petrochemicals Co.Ltd.
  • Architectural project:
    Foster + Partners
  • Lighting project:
    Licht Kunst Licht
  • General contractor:
    Market Zrt
  • Interior design:
    Kinzo Berlin
  • Local architect:
    Finta Studio
  • Local interior design:
  • Lighting supplier:
  • Awards:
    Tesla Lighting Design Award 2023
    LIT Lighting Design Awards - Honorable Mention in Workplace Lighting Design 2023
  • Photographer
    HGEsch Photography

Project Quote

"It was our aim to create a continuous and seamlessly integrated lighting solution for the office spaces and representative areas of the MOL Campus. The realization demonstrates that flexible and diverse user requirements can harmoniously coexist with a functional yet atmospheric lighting concept within the architecture. In this way, an ambitious building has been created, which is a center of attraction for both MOL employees and the public. The openness and transparency of the architecture make the campus extremely worth seeing."

Daria Olejniczak, Project Lead, Licht Kunst Licht AG

Products Used: