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Piazza Garibaldi

Light, in both its natural and "artificial" form, was a determining factor, right from the start of the design process that has completely redeveloped Piazza Garibaldi, the unique gateway to the historic centre of Bevagna (from the direction of Assisi),  

The architectural decision, shared with the Umbria Fine Arts, Landscape and Archaeology Heritage Authorities, to include a contemporary interpretation of Greek-Latin and medieval-Renaissance allegorical values in the square’s complementary spaces is expressed perfectly in the square’s new systems of light and greenery. 

Its previous design, featuring nineteenth-century style pole systems that did not suit the established iconography of the space, has been replaced by overall ambient lighting created by Platea Pro projectors with an under-eaves installation, reinforced by accent projectors that highlight the two opposing monumental focuses. On one side, in fact, there is the massive, vertical presence of the medieval Urbica Gate, that is illuminated by Palco inOut projectors, positioned on the façade of a building positioned laterally. On the other, there is the Roman Temple whose elegant pilasters are graphically emphasized by iPro projector superspot optics. Light Up Earth ground recessed luminaires are located at the base of the five new trees, with the dual intention of enhancing the rest and conversation areas with gentle and indirect lighting and rhythmically underlining the direction of the pedestrian path. The same gentle and diffuse ambient lighting also skims over the "Res Sacrae" sculpture by Andrea Roggi, restoring to the iridescent highlights of its bronze forms the task of modulating its reflections in line with changes in the visitor's perspective.  

In Berzetta’s design, light is not viewed as a self-referential object, but as a tool at the service of the context and its complementary spaces. This is true not only of the architecture, but also for the entire urban and natural scene. In fact, because of the square’s topographic configuration, it can be accessed from multiple points and admired from different heights. This opens up panoramic breaches that incorporate the surrounding landscape in the sweep of the vista. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Municipality of Bevagna
  • Architectural project:
    Architect Massimo Berzetta
  • Lighting project:
    Architect Massimo Berzetta
  • Photographer
    Luca Petrucci

Project Quote

"[…] In addition to its references to the themes of cardinal and theological virtues, the trivium and quadrivium arts, and seasonal motifs - summarized in the layout of a modern "urban courtly garden" - this project also creates a reference to the 4 elements of nature, centred on the presence of a "light-body," which doubles as an abstraction of the element of "fire”. This is not seen during the day, as the individual luminaires remain hidden, but at night they cast a discreet, diffuse light. This enhances the overall perception of the space and accentuates certain points of perspective that give the rest and conversation areas a cosy and intimate feel."

Massimo Berzetta, architect

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