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Palco Low Voltage Beamer ø 19 mm - Superrail

Todos los Superrail

Detalles del Producto

  • Installation on Superrail.
  • Miniaturized projectors with integrated DC / DC converter integrated in the adapter.
  • Adapter-track connection with quick release system.
  • Body in die-cast aluminum.
  • High definition optical lenses in thermoplastic material.
  • possibility of manual adjustment of the light beam from 10 ° up to 65 ° with a black anodised aluminum ring. The optical system, combined with the possibility of manual adjustment, allows to obtain a well-defined punctual lighting.
  • High visual comfort.
  • 90 ° inclination on the horizontal plane and 355 ° rotation around the vertical axis.
  • CoB LED with high color rendering index.

Colours available for Palco Low Voltage Beamer ø 19 mm

  • 01 Blanco
  • 04 Negro

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