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Laser Blade XS Wall Washer LGC 5x / 10x

All Superrail

Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Linear recessed miniaturised luminaire for LED lamps, specialised for vertical wall lighting and complete with adapter for installation on a Superrail LV track.
  • The patented optic system guarantees a homogeneous and effective emission on the wall, as well as avoiding shadow zones near the ceiling.
  • The black polycarbonate perimeter frame is designed to significantly reduce the effect of longitudinal glare while also guaranteeing maximum light uniformity on the wall. Flux enhancer - superpure aluminium reflector - asymmetrical textured PMMA screen.
  • Main body made of extruded aluminium.
  • A rapid tool-free system for connecting the adapter electrically and mechanically to the track.Mechanical fastening with adapter on track.
  • Integrated DC/DC LED driver in adapter - direct connection on Superrail LV track.
  • Track power supply unit to be ordered separately.

Colours available for Laser Blade XS Wall Washer LGC 5x / 10x

  • 43 Black/Black
  • 47 White / Black

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