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Lingotto 240x270mm wall mounted

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Direct light luminaire intended for use with LED light sources.
  • Floor, wall and pole installation.
  • Comprises optical compartment and arm.
  • Optical compartment and glass support frame in die-cast aluminium; sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass; steel retention cable, diameter of 1.6 mm, plastic coated; EPDM 50 Shore black rubber seal ; parabolic refl ector in super-pure anodised sheet aluminum.
  • Liquid acrylic paint ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
  • Adjustable arm and mechanical aiming lock.
  • Optics available: Asymmetrical (A), Very Wide Flood (VWF).
  • Overvoltage protection: 5kV in Common Mode (CM), 4kV in Differential Mode (DM).
  • The mounting box accessory (code TXE4) increases overvoltage protection to 10kV/10kV (CM/DM).
  • Supplied with nickel-plated brass cable gland and outgoing cable L = 400mm with lined with braided steel.
  • The luminous flux emitted in the upper hemisphere of the system in the horizontal position is null.
  • All screws used are in A2 stainless steel.

Colours available for Lingotto 240x270mm wall mounted

  • 73 Grey/yellow

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