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Expo Dubai 2020 continues with iGuzzini

The lights in the pavilions go out, but those of the cultural debate on light and design go on.

Light played an essential role in the success of the Dubai Expo. Therefore, a professional debate on this issue could not be missing. "Love That Design" Expo Hub, powered by iGuzzini, carries out precisely this task: to represent an opportunity for the international lighting community to discuss objectives, tools, limits and perspectives, as well as inviting all enthusiasts to increase their knowledge on a fundamental issue for the quality of life such as light. Love That Design is therefore the ideal platform to elevate the culture of light by sharing knowledge, experiences and inspirations, through the involvement of designers, architects, lighting designers, premium manufacturers and users. For an increasingly creative, stimulating and sustainable future.
In iGuzzini we have contributed to fueling this debate thanks to the presentation contribution of the project, talking about sustainability (video) and through the testimony of the CEO Cristiano Venturini.
For those wishing to discover or report curiosities about iGuzzini and its installations at Expo Dubai 2020, the #iSpyiGuzzini hashtag remains active on LinkedIn.
If you wish a complete overview of iGuzzini at the Dubai Expo, read "De-lighted by Expo 2020 Dubai" and "iGuzzini at the 2020 Expo".
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