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Milano Design Week 2024: iGuzzini presents Light That Moves Time, an installation by Alfonso Femia

"Light That Moves Time" is the evocative title of the temporary installation proposed by iGuzzini and conceived by Alfonso Femia for the Milan Design Week 2024. It is a work that moves time, from both the past and future, to bring it alive in the present.  

Today, April 4, the press conference is held, with the participation of the architect Alfonso Femia, the CEO of iGuzzini Cristiano Venturini and the Chief Marketing Officer Lorenzo Maria Perre, committed to illustrating the details and inspirations of this extraordinary creation.   

The exhibition will be open from 15 to 21 April at the showroom iGuzzini in via Brera 5

LIGHT THAT MOVES TIME is a journey through parallel dimensions, where past and future intertwine. At its core lies the essence of time itself, offering an emotional voyage that transcends conventional boundaries. Each object and component holds a unique narrative, weaving together paths and unveiling unseen scenarios. Like a thread weaving through space, it transforms perceptions and connections, inviting viewers to explore the boundless realms of imagination. 
Milano Design Week 2024: iGuzzini presents Light That Moves Time, an installation by Alfonso Femia
The architect Alfonso Femia.
Milano Design Week 2024: iGuzzini presents Light That Moves Time, an installation by Alfonso Femia
Lorenzo Maria Perre, Chief Marketing Officer iGuzzini with the audience of journalists during the press conference.

Primitive Hut 

This truncated cone structure that recalls the archetypal shape of early human shelters is emphasised by the central opening, the oculus, which captures the light and diffuses its effects The hut is made of wooden slats covered with a woven texture and strips made from reflective thermal blankets that bridge the gap between its primitive and post-modern dimensions. The Newfo mini spotlight mounted on the Filorail track (the thinnest in the world), is a counterpoint to the old world, here represented by Ufo. Newfo is a mini re-edition of the 1977 Ufo, the first spotlight to bring the precision of theatre lighting to the world of architecture by incorporating the low-voltage halogen lamp. These latest generation product lines blend into a scenario that simulates bygone time, revealing the universal convergence of past and future. 

In between 

The lobby is a place for welcoming people and sharing and has been chosen as it represents a meeting of past and future. It celebrates the present and continues our imaginative and emotional journey. Suspended from reflective discs, in a metaphorical reference to the reverse journey from future to past, we find the new Newfo collections (suspended on Filorail track), BeTwo, and Libera

Light that moves is an iGuzzini leitmotif that summarizes the concept of connected, responsive, intrinsically sustainable and deeply human light represented in each collection and through the individual architectural and interior projects lit by iGuzzini. This concept will be defined in its new brand identity that expresses iGuzzini's innovation for a light that moves spaces, people, culture and imagination. 

Time before time

In a retro-futuristic setting, characterised by mirrored walls, we are immersed in an alternative dimension. This ethereal space hosts the company's roots, encapsulated in the iGuzzini Echoes collection. These timeless icons, taken from the historical iGuzzini archive and restyled, preserve the immortal beauty of Italian design and transport it into the future while embracing the most advanced technologies. Cespuglio, Clan, Polsino, Nitia, Sorella and Zurigo are inserted in a context projected forwards in time to create a union between the past, the present and the future. These echoes of the past preserve the immortal beauty of Italian design. Combining them with modern technologies to give substance to form. From this symbiosis comes another way of inhabiting our present: Italian Echoes. The 2024 new entry to the Echoes collection is Cespuglio, a table lamp designed by Ennio Lucini in 1969. At that time, the use of Plexiglas revolutionised the world of design, and Cespuglio embraced this material, embodying the experimental artistic language of artist Gino Marotta with its fluorescent colours that evoked dreamlike, psychedelic journeys. In fact, in 1965, Marotta exhibited a series of acrylic flowers as an artificial reconstruction of nature at the Galleria dell'Ariete in Milan. The lamp’s full name is "Cespuglio di Gino". It is Ennio Lucini’s tribute to Gino Marotta. 

Milano Design Week 2024: iGuzzini presents Light That Moves Time, an installation by Alfonso Femia
Part of the exhibition LIGHT THAT MOVES TIME in preparation for the Milan Design Week, with the new spotlight Newfo.
Milano Design Week 2024: iGuzzini presents Light That Moves Time, an installation by Alfonso Femia
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