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Tow. The Odd Wine

Tow, an acronym of The Odd Wine, is a wine bar with kitchen located in a historic, early 20th century building in Via Losanna in Milan. The restaurant offers a bold food and wine selection with a refined taste in line with its interior design that balances contrasts masterfully. This cosy and inviting space has a clear, contemporary style in which the exposed bricks of the main inside wall coexist with sharp linear shapes and steel and polycarbonate inserts.  

To create the kind of sophisticated and elegant atmosphere that encourages people to return to a place, special attention has been paid to the lighting, the details of the finishes, and the matching of materials.  
The lighting is managed through 3 BLE interfaces that control different areas. BLE was chosen initially because of the extreme simplicity of its system management and more specifically, as it requires no further cables to be installed. The user-friendliness of the Quick BLE system and app was also much appreciated by the owner, who played an active role in programming various lighting scenarios. 
The areas it illuminates include the first tasting room in which a large bottle rack wall is located. This 4-metre-high structure consists of 300 satin-finish steel crosses welded together and its design is emphasized by a series of custom-made View projectors with Medium optics and a colour temperature of 2700 K whose light is focused on the centre of it. Another interface controls the Underscore luminaires located on the wooden shelf under the bottle rack and on the handrail that runs up the stairs leading to the mezzanine floor. This area, which features slim travertine surfaces, ivory faux leather panelling and black details, is a new addition that required stairs to be installed to connect the two levels.  
The central concrete and wood counter, on the other hand, is lit by a pair of custom-made chandeliers designed by Studio Latino.   
On the lower floor, the transit area is illuminated by a number of accent lighting effects controlled by a third interface and created by recessed Laser luminaires installed on the mezzanine. In this space, champagne-coloured Whisper lamps provide gentle, localized lighting for the glass, bronze and steel tables that interact with the soft shapes of pink velvet benches. The project is completed with a remote-control pushbutton panel and gateway that makes light management even more versatile. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Tow Srl
  • Architectural project:
    Studio Latino
    Matteo Lattuada, Irene Nocerino
  • Lighting project:
    Studio Latino
    Matteo Lattuada, Irene Nocerino
  • Photographer
    Fabio Di Carlo
    Nicolò Panzeri, courtesy Studio Latino