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Quick BLE

Light becomes portable

Quick BLE

Light becomes portable

From intelligent light to intelligent control. With Quick BLE you are able to manage indoor and outdoor devices from your smart device, and more.

Smart Wellbeing From intelligent light to intelligent control. Smart technologies are transforming technology into well-being, in a "smart" way.

Well-being / Sustainability / Energy Saving / Variability / Usability / Visual comfort / Convenience / Flexibility

Simple and intuitive. You can turn on the products, create groups and light scenes directly on site, with different users.

Lighting Control

Creation and selection of 16 lighting scenarios and the possibility of controlling luminosity and colour temperature with sliders
Lighting ControlLighting Control


Management of various owned or under management buildings/ locations.

Group Setting

Creation and modification of up to 16 groups
Group SettingGroup Setting

Device Settings

Recognition of devices is made easy thanks to practical ON-OFF keys. This stage also allows access to a powerful customisation menu for individual devices such as dimming times, names, etc.
Device SettingsDevice Settings


Adding users with passwords and different operating levels, such as super-users (who have all modification rights) and users who are only allowed to manage lighting.


Setting the operation of scenarios at fixed times in accordance with a weekly calendar. Operation requires having enough space inside the smartphone or the BLE Wi-Fi bridge.

iGuzzini Smart Light App is available on Google Play and App Store:

Google Play

App Store

So easy, with Quick BLE.


Ann is still in the office but she can work in "welcome home" mode from her PC; there only remains a flight and a taxi before she returns home. Light is welcoming, gives presence to absence.
- It is delightful to feel yourself embraced in soft light, sink into the sofa and get your ideas straight again. For a few seconds, then Carlos asks his voice assistant to turn on the lights in the kitchen and then begins to prepare dinner by listening to his favourite music.

So easy, with Quick BLE.

Private Garden

In just a few minutes, this garden will be ready to come to life. A party under the night stars is about to begin. Robert only has to worry about preparing the tables, food and drinks while adding a few more chairs and some music. And the lighting? Robert already knows nothing could be easier! Simply choose the App's "party" mode and the stage lighting for your garden is magically ready to welcome your guests!

So easy, with Quick BLE.
Private GardenPrivate Garden


An evening like others, many others, where light creates a relaxed atmosphere ideal for conversation while enjoying fine home-made dishes. Then Greta picks up her tablet and activates the scene setting with a simple click
"Birthday Table 2": the surrounding light dims and the lighting on table 2 comes on suddenly and joyfully. A second later, the whole room sings in chorus "Happy birthday to you ...!

So easy, with Quick BLE.


A major exhibition will be inaugurated tomorrow. George is calmly wandering around the rooms. He can programme each product directly from the room itself and not from a fixed remote location, as was once the case! He observes his devices and, using his tablet, associates them with a group, sets the lux level and creates the scenic setting. The central system will then be able to count the effective hours.of operation.

So easy, with Quick BLE.


Sarah loves her job. She always dreamt of having her own store and convincing clients that her goods are the best! She knows that light can help her and this is why she created different settings for each season and colour which change automatically. Now, on the other hand, she wants a totally different light. Simply launch the Smart Light Control App and the environment is changed through lighting.

So easy, with Quick BLE.


Today's offices are for everyone and everyone can choose an office. They are flexible, smart and efficient spaces. A multi-sensor helps light adapt to use with pre-set illumination and visual comfort levels. Alex enters the room, finds a free desk and sits down. He then picks up his smartphone and chooses his lighting set-up to transform the space into his office.

So easy, with Quick BLE.

The right light at the right time. An opportunity for the manager, customer and user. At Palazzo Sturm a real case of smart experience.

A smart experience

Light management, without additional wiring. Extension of the exhibition thanks to a swift survey of the switch-ons, respecting conservative constraints. Guided tour on your smartphone through push notifications.
Bassano del Grappa - Italy
Bluetooth mesh networking The Bluetooth protocol, now present in every smart device, allows direct communication with a Dali lighting fixture and, to other lighting fixtures (*), communicating with each other in a mesh network, from node to node, becoming active only when necessary.


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