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Underscore15 Corner

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Lighting Effects

Product Details

  • Corners and surfaces. Atmospheric silhouettes.
  • Underscore15 corner is a solution for lighting objects with a beam pointed at 45°. This thin blade of directed light makes enhancing textures and highlighting product displays fronts even easier. Underscore15 is also a surface light. Handrails, furniture, and shelving can all be animated with a grazing background light that creates a sense of magic and heightens the viewer’s perception of sizes and forms in the environment. Combining grazing and corner light profiles further enhances the shape of the objects, giving shelves and ledges a real sense of depth.
  • Corner profile.
  • For monochrome Ledstrip.

Colours available for Underscore15 Corner

  • 00 Indeterminate
  • 01 White
  • 12 Aluminium
  • 21 Incolore Satinato
  • 38 Opal

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