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We have evolved the concept of integration with architecture to promote human wellbeing and enable smart safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services.

Tecnica Evo | Efficient and Powerful

Compact, efficient and powerful, with excellent color rendering ​​and different color temperature options. Ideal for lighting retail environments, even in the food sector with specific “food” versions that use patented LED technology with spectra developed specifically for the different types of goods, to highlight specific color tones without altering the saturation of the surrounding colors.

Tecnica Evo
Tecnica Evo <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Efficient and Powerful</span>Tecnica Evo <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Efficient and Powerful</span>

iWay Super Comfort | Invisible Source

The iWay collection of bollards continues to evolve in terms of both design and optics: a new extraordinary version capable of totally eliminating the risk of glare makes its debut and, at the same time, uniformly illuminate the horizontal plane.

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iWay Super Comfort <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Invisible Source</span>iWay Super Comfort <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Invisible Source</span>

Quick BLE | Light becomes portable

Intelligent light has just got better. Quick BLE is a control system for small and medium-sized systems that allows users to manage all DALI lighting devices through the Bluetooth communication protocol. It is possible to manage each individual luminaire or lighting set-up from a smartphone using the "iGuzzini Smart Light Control" app.

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Quick BLE&nbsp;<span style="color:#ffffff;">| Light becomes portable</span>Quick BLE&nbsp;<span style="color:#ffffff;">| Light becomes portable</span>

Blade R | All in One

From chaos to order. Blade R evolves the concept of integration with architecture to promote human well-being and enable smart safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services. All in One: Formal and functional integration. A slim yet powerful circular ring that envelops new functions that go beyond light.

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Blade R <span style="color:#ffffff;">| All in One</span>Blade R <span style="color:#ffffff;">| All in One</span>

Light Up Orbit | Always In

New aesthetic and photometric solutions promote better integration into architecture and absolute visual comfort. Smart lighting management creates dynamic night scenes. Tough steel for materials and components.

Light Up Orbit
Light Up Orbit <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Always In</span>Light Up Orbit <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Always In</span>

Light Up Earth | Always In

Light Up Earth extends the performances of Light Up Orbit
in terms of dimensions and power for floor ground level applications. New flush versions to allow maximum walking safety. Five different technologies for as many as seven photometric spreads. Comfort, clean light beam and vertical excellence. Adds patented dual external adjustment to direct light exactly where it is needed, without compromising product protection. Ideal for urban settings and landscapes.

Light Up Earth
Light Up Earth <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Always In</span>Light Up Earth <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Always In</span>

We have ensured added value for product design by offering innovative application solutions.

Superrail | Infinity System

Superrail is a structure capable of housing an infinite number of solutions. This miniature track is only 25mm wide. It can be made up of infinite lengths in a continuous and seamless manner. Superrail can be installed as a recessed, minimal and frame, ceiling and/or suspended system.

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Superrail <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Infinity System</span>Superrail <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Infinity System</span>

Drop by Drop | Liquid connection

Drop by Drop, designed by architect Alfonso Femia, anticipates or accompanies a rhythm, a sequence, an idea of slow vertical movement, drop by drop. We sought to catch that moment, suspend it, make it refl ective and luminous. Drop by Drop interprets the contemporary value of interplay, of cross-fertilisation.

Drop by Drop
Drop by Drop <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Liquid connection</span>Drop by Drop <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Liquid connection</span>

New optics with exceptional visual performance, high comfort, chromatic quality and lighting efficiency with a broad variety of light distributions.

A new collection of architectural outdoor spotlights is now available with a broad range of optics and applications.

Agorà | Life to city

An architectural spotlight created for installation not necessarily in squares as such but in all urban places, or meeting places, in our cities, towns or neighbourhoods. 6 light distributions, from super spot to wide fl ood and the possibility of adapting the luminous fl ux through a wide range of professional accessories. 5 sizes, 5 powers, colour temperatures of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, RGBW, Tunable White, with luminous fl uxes from 3500 lumens to 50,000 lumens.

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Agorà <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Life to city</span>Agorà <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Life to city</span>

Linealuce Mini 47 recessed luminaire
High Performance Linear System

In addition to the surfacemount version, Linealuce mini 47 expands with a new recessed version with remote power supply for excellent wall lighting with wall grazing and flood distribution. An anti-glare accessory is integrated inside to ensure high visual comfort.

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Linealuce Mini 47 recessed luminaire<br />
<span style="color:#ffffff;">High Performance Linear System</span>Linealuce Mini 47 recessed luminaire<br />
<span style="color:#ffffff;">High Performance Linear System</span>

Framers with specific accessories for creative lighting, expanding the use of light beyond its conventional function.

Palco InOut Framer | Skin Changer

Palco InOut Framer Skin Changer expands the application possibilities for the Palco InOut Framer system. By inserting a specific gobo (metallic, dichroic glass, with coloured filters or geometric shapes) into the framer, a customised, dynamic lighting scenario can be created thanks to DALI technology to define new urban expressions through light for creative cities.

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Palco InOut Framer <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Skin Changer</span>Palco InOut Framer <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Skin Changer</span>

New pole and bollard-mounted solutions for urban areas, allowing super comfort and horizontal excellent lighting.

Grin | Smile back

Grin is a product that smiles to architects through its pure, essential form, to lighting designers through infinite the lighting solutions available as well as people who use the space. Grin integrates naturally into outdoor areas and, at the same time, creates infi nite lighting set-ups by varying the light in terms of intensity, colour temperature and even colour itself.​

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Grin <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Smile back</span>Grin <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Smile back</span>

New optics with exceptional visual performance, high comfort, chromatic quality and lighting efficiency with a broad variety of light distributions.

Street | Opti Smart Lens evolution

Continuous development of the innovative Opti Smart Lens technology for street optics broadens the offering of emissive distributions and applications through the Street products. Maximum exploitation of the luminous flux depending on the type of road and visual task.

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Street&nbsp;<span style="color:#ffffff;">| Opti Smart Lens evolution</span>Street&nbsp;<span style="color:#ffffff;">| Opti Smart Lens evolution</span>

Anello | Urban Lounge

Anello is an urban lighting system. Two versions are available: one for general downlight emission, the other with up/down emission. Up lighting involves one to five LED modules that can be adjusted to 30° to highlight elements in the surrounding environment.​

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Anello <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Urban Lounge</span>Anello <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Urban Lounge</span>

Twilight | Urbaneco

The new Twilight Paris decorative cap is now available, designed by architect Marc Aurel. It joins the existing Twilight Bilbao, which in turn is also joined by a white version, Canberra, Joburg and Odense, to expand lighting systems for urban and residential contexts alongside systems specifically for street lighting.

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Twilight <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Urbaneco</span>Twilight <span style="color:#ffffff;">| Urbaneco</span>